Saturday, February 21, 2015

Weekly Update | 2015 #8 | {2/15-2/21}

Well where I live we've had a full week of no school because of the snow days! This week has gone by sooo slow! Luckily though I've been able to write SO many blog posts and post almost everyday of this week!
I made a whole blog post,with pictures, of the snow, but here are some of the pictures.

All Monday it snowed and it was beautiful, but now I want to see green grass, flowers, and summer sunny skies! They say we could have another storm, but they aren't sure *sigh*.

I've enjoyed this full week off of school, but I have been so bored! I've been stuck in the house besides yesterday since most roads were better. My mom and I went to the mall so she could pick up a top to match a cardigan and we had to go to Target and Hobby Lobby. My mom is still really into the mesh wreathes and I love them too. She wanted to pick some stuff up to make a wreath for my grandma.

I've been watching a ton of Disney movies this week. I have no idea why, but I've been watching them nonstop. Movies like 101 Dalmatians, My Date with the Presidents Daughter, Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior, Twitches, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, and I could go on with more!

Saturday night my family and I watched Saturday Night Live. There were a lot of funny skits, but I loved the one with "Beyonce" (Maya Rudolph) and Martin Short.

I also loved the political skits!

I've never seen SNL, but it was really funny!

I've been pinning a lot of "Dress Up" things on my Dress Up Pinterest board. I've fallen in love with midi skirts! I wish I had a place to wear them, but I really don't. Only if I was Kate Middleton *sigh*.

I'll have a blog post up soon about them!

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