Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow Day Essentials

The first time in almost 15 years, where I live, is having a snow storm with snow above 12 inches! Because of that we're having a snow day! We might even have off all week from the forecast.
We've already had a three day weekend and it's starting to get boring and cold. I wanted to share with y'all all my snow day essentials!

{Fuzzy Socks}

I love fuzzy socks! I have a whole bin of them in my closet! They come in a bunch of different colors and patterns. They usually fall apart in a couple of months but then you get the excuse to buy more! 

{Serious Snow Boots}

Bean boots or Hunter boots are an essential to have and I don't have either! These are an essential if you plan on going out on these days!


A good book while lying on the couch is essential. I'll do a post on all my favorite books soon so follow so you can see the post!


I love watching movies during these days. Just find some on YouTube or download them on you laptop. (FYI did you like my joke of having Frozen as the movie picture... haha!)

{Comfy Clothes}

I stay in pajamas and sweats all day! Make sure they are warm!


My room is the coldest in the house so having a fuzzy blanket wrapped around me at all times is a must.

{Hot Chocolate}

I love, love, love hot chocolate and everyone knows this is an absolute must have!

{Online Shopping}

With snow covering the ground of course you need to search all the new spring clothes coming into stores soon!

Stay warm and safe during these snow days, but also don't forget to have fun!
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