Saturday, February 28, 2015

Weekly Update | 2015 #9 | {2/16 - 2/28}

February is already over and I can't believe that! In a week it's going to be my birthday and it feels like I have a whole month to go before it is!

This week was a fairly stressful week for me. Two art teachers and I and some other kids went to go print our art projects for a show. I had a test I wasn't prepared for and a Spanish presentation. I luckily had blog posts planned and was able to post them when I got home!

I'm thrilled for the art show! I made a tiger lino cut. It's really hard to describe how I did it so you just have to roll with me on this haha. This is the practice print that we did a week or so ago just so we know if I need to cut anything else on it. I'll do a whole blog post on the project sometime!

My birthday is going to be Friday and I'm so excited! We don't normally do anything, but my family does enough to were I really enjoy my birthday. I have no idea what I'm going to ask for so my mom, me, and my grandma are going to an outlet mall next Saturday and I'll be able to get some stuff. Now that I'm older I just don't know what to ask for! I'm happy with what I have and I just want to spend my birthday at home, eating cake with my family! The presents are just an added bonus! I'll most likely post a little birthday haul though!

I know some people are tired of hearing this, but I just have to talk about it! The infamous Dress!
Oh my gosh this dress was the talk all day on Friday! Everyone was asking teachers what colors they saw and friend groups were practically screaming at each other. I know some kids are seeing both black and blue and white and gold, but I only see black and blue! The majority of my friends saw gold and white! There's so many articles about the science behind it so if your curious here's a link!

What color do you see!?

A YouTuber I have watched for a long time I have recently become obsessed with! She makes makeup videos and I swear she is the BEST beauty guru on YouTube! I love her videos and all her tutorials! I highly recommend watching her! These are my favorite tutorials!
Neutral Eyes and Pink Lips

Daytime Glam

Basic 5 min Makeup

Everyday Drugstore Makeup

She posts a lot of dramatic looks which I LOVE but the everyday looks have to be my favorite!

I've also been loving Theodore Fitzpatrick's  Instagram! He's the cutest little toy poodle ever! You have to follow him!

{This Weeks Posts}

Favorite Winter Coats

Spring Wishlist

Kate Middleton, Prince William Christmas Will Be Spent With Middletons Instead Of Royals
Mostly Midi Skirts

Thanks for reading!
Don't forget to follow it's completely free!

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  1. I watch a lot of her videos as well! The Jenner girls are always great for makeup insp! I see gold and white! haha.
    I am new to your blog! I am now following you on BL! :)

    1. The science behind the dress is crazy! Haha! I like your blog by the way and thanks for following!


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