Friday, March 20, 2015

Lilly Pulitzer Spring 2015

I'm in love with the prints this Spring for Lilly Pulitzer! Last years Fall prints I liked, but nothing really stuck out for me. They were a little too mature for me, I could see those prints on a woman over 30, but that's my personal opinion. This spring they have the perfect prints! They can fit a girl my age and a woman way older than me!
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{First Impressions}
Lilly print designers designed to revamp the famous First Impressions print. Everyone knows this print, some not by name but everyone has seen and loved this print! I love the original pink print, but these colors are super cute too. I ended up buying the scarf with my birthday money and it's gorgeous!

{Finders Keepers}
This print is more mature than first impressions. I think the dresses and the design just make it look better for an older lady.  I love the accessories though and the shift dress is beautiful!

{Double Trouble}
This one might be my least favorite print. I like the dress and the top, but I didn't really like the other things. I think if they made this print in a wristlet it would look really cute.

{What A Racquet}
I think I like this print more in sporty wear and bathing suits. It's taking a lot of self control for me not to snatch one of the bathing suits!

{Worth It}
I love this print! It's just so much fun and I adore the tank top!

{Back It Up}
This print reminds me of Sunday brunch. I have no idea why, but that's the first thing I though when I saw this print. The dresses are my favorite.

{Lion In The Sun}
I think this print is fairly toned down and can be worn almost anywhere. I really like the dress and shorts in this print. The little girls dress is just perfect for a young age!

{In The Vias}
This print isn't my favorite, but some of the items are cute!

 {Johnny B}
They don't have much at all in this print, but I really like these dresses and I hope they come out with more items.

 {Let Minnow}
I love this print sooo much! I love the colors and the simple pattern. You can wear it absolutely anywhere!

{For The Halibut}
I don't like the dresses in this print, but all the other items I really like. I love the tank top and the t shirt.

Thanks for reading! Tell me your favorite print in the comments!
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