Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Road Trip Essentails

Spring break is creeping up on us which means a lot of us are going on vacation or a lot of us are staying home binge watching Greys Anatomy on Netflix (which I actually haven't watched, but everyone is talking about how much they love it!)
My family and I go on a road trip about two maybe three times a year so I feel like I'm almost an expert on what to bring with you when you have those long days spent in the car.

I love carrying a bag with me. Something small so it doesn't take up the whole floor underneath my feet, but big enough so it can carry everything.  I really like the idea of the Longchamp Le Pliage bags because they're big and roomy, but then it can be folded up into a small square and shoved into a drawer or suitcase when you get to your destination. When we get to the resort I like to only carry around a wristlet. This can hold money, your phone, and your room key.
Music is definitely an essential for me. I make sure I have plenty of songs to listen to in the car. If I didn't have my own music I think I would die on 15 hour car rides.  I also carry around some lotion and chapstick.
Of course you need sunglasses in the car and a comfy outfit.
No one wants to be uncomfortable in the car. Usually my parents like to keep the car cold so I wear leggings or I wear my shorts and just bring a light jacket with me. You want to keep in mind not to bring a big sweatshirt in the car though if you're going somewhere warm. It's just something you have to shove in a suitcase or drawer when you get to the beach. Of course if you're going up North and it's cold go ahead and bring a lot of warm clothing! Shoes that you can slip on and off are really handy too. You'll want to be able to jump out of the car quickly for bathroom stops and not have to fiddle with shoelaces.
I try to keep healthy snacks in the car, but I usually buy a soda and a bag of chips at a gas station. My parents do though try and keep apples in a small cooler and a bag of pretzels in the bag with all of our suitcases.

Tell me some of your road trip essentials in the comments! I'd love to know incase I've missed anything!
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