Saturday, March 28, 2015

Weekly Update | #12 & #13 2015 | {3/15-3/28}

I missed last weeks post for this because of how busy we were so I'm combining week 11 and week 12. I will say though week 11 was a little boring but then everything was slammed into one weekend! That's why I wasn't able to get a post up in time. It would've been Tuesday by the time I posted and I just thought it would be best to wait and conjoin the two posts.

I'll just start with what happened last week!
The week itself was fairly boring. On Thursday my family and I went to the gallery that held my tiger print! It was amazing! They had the gallery in two levels and in an art building in the college that hosted the competition. It was all regional high school art pieces and there was so much good artwork! It was a little overwhelming and I'm still so shocked that I got second place!
On Saturday my mom, grandma, and I went to an outlet mall near our town. This was my birthday present from my Grandma and it was a lot of fun! I didn't get too much so I still have a little money left over.

That day though when we came home I opened my cloest door and I had a whole new desk!
my dad is a really good with making things and holy cow I was not expecting this. In my last posts I was talking about looking for a new desk and needing a new one. I broke my desk a while ago and all the ones from Ikea either didn't fit in my closet or they weren't exactly what I wanted. I wanted something with a whole lot of space and enought compartements to hold things. I quickly realized though when I was scouring the internet for desks the types that I wanted were around $200-$300. I knew my budget was only about $180 and I couldn't find anything! My dad though decided to build a desk in my closet from and old desk we had downstairs. There is SO much space and I couldn't be happier!
I'll do a desk tour or something like that sometime.

On Sunday we went to the showing of the gallery. Like I said everyone did so well and I have no idea how I was able to get second place! It took all day and then I had homework. Not fun, lol.

As of this week though like normal I went to school, but this weekend we're heading to Florida! It's our spring break and I'm so excited! I'll have a whole post about it next Sunday or Monday so watch out for that!

These past weeks though a YouTuber that I watch posted a video on a Kate Middleton Style Steal and I completely recommend watching it! I love Kate Middleton style and Emery captures it perfectly!

I've also found a movie I'm completely obsessed with! It's called Confessions Of A Shopaholic and it's a very old movie, but I love it!

Have you seen Lilly for Targets Online Lookbook? Oh my gosh I am so excited! Here's a link (here!) I'll definitely have to snatch one of those dresses or everything, haha!

Sorry for such a short post, but I promise I'll have a long one on Sunday or Monday. I'd love to know what you'v done this week and even last week!
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XOXO Alyson

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