Saturday, April 25, 2015

Links I'm Lovin' | #11 2015 | {3/19 - 3/25}

I'm actually starting this way earlier than normal (Monday to be exact), but I've already found so many things to talk about!  First of all I have to talk about Lilly for Target. Oh my gosh I wasn't able to get ANYTHING! I know people got up at like one o'clock to shop the website and the site crashed. My friends and I were talking at lunch and one of my friends said that in three minuets everything was gone at one of the Targets in my town. Did y'all get anything? 

My brothers birthday was on Friday and we went out to dinner. We planned on going to Orange Leaf after dinner, but that plan fell through. Here's a picture of his birthday cake though!
All through spring and summer my mom makes Strawberry Cake and Cameron's birthday is the first day we start making the cake because he loves it so much! 

I was sitting in art club on Monday because we weren't doing anything and I remembered that Lilly was releasing their Summer collection. Oh my gosh there are so many cute things! The pink Tusk in Sun is super cute, but I really love the prints Scuba To Cuba and Besame Mucho. The prints are so bright and fun! I want to buy everything in the collection, but I literally have no money!

This is kind of a cheesy show on YouTube, but I'm hooked. I really don't want to watch anything else!

If you haven't seen my post on Monday it was all about cute workout clothes (check it out here!) I've been getting into more workout things and I need to start yoga. That's mostly what I've been pinning on the board. If you have any tips on how to get motivated to start working out I'd love to know because I want to do it, but I just cant get myself to!

I found this yoga instructor on YouTube a while back, but then recently when I was looking up yoga routines I found her again. She has a playlist on doing yoga for a whole month that I want to start trying throughout May. 

Oh my gosh this is CRAZY! You just have to watch the video, I don't even know what to say.
Here's the video for the explanation on the projects (here)
Here's the video of finding Niamh twin (here)

Oh my gosh this was sooo funny! It lasts a long time, but everyones reactitions are amazing. This woman was having twins, but didn't tell anyone. She had people come into her hospital room to find out the gender of "the baby" but instead they got the surprise of twins and then the genders!

I thought this was such a cute and fun quiz. I got 66% so I'm not too crazy of a fan, but I could know more, haha!

If you haven't heard of the Shaytards what have you been doing with your life? Haha, just kidding! They are family vloggers on YouTube and I love watching their videos. They're such a close nit family and they're all very energetic! This is just a quick little video of their youngest son. It's super funny!

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