Sunday, April 5, 2015

My Trip In One Post | Spring Break 2015

My family and I have taken a trip down to Florida for spring break and of course it's amazing! I love giving y'all updates so I thought I would give you an update on this trip!

The whole journey (as my family likes to call it) takes 15 hours. I know. It takes forever. What we normally do though is span it out in 2 to 3 days when we're driving to the beach and then take the whole trip back home in one day. We leave Sunday as our day to relax and unpack, then we go back to our normal routine. 

We started the whole trip Friday, of course that was a school day and my parents decided to pull us out of school so we can go home and help pack up the car.We started driving around 1:15 and drove all the way to south Atlanta. I think the drive is absolutely gorgeous, but I just hate being in a car for forever. I just need to stretch my legs.
The temperatures weren't really warm though. Usually by the time we get to south Georgia and a little bit away from the resort it's in the 70's and 80's, but it was in the 60's.
As of that night my family and I went to go eat at a town an hour away from our resort and then we went to a little dock to watch the sunset and it was beautiful!


On Sunday we only had about an hour to go before we got to the resort and the drive was beautiful. The houses along the coast were so cute and I just had to take pictures!
When we got to the resort I had to take more pictures! It almost feels like we never went home from how familiar this place is! I almost know it like the back of my hand!


 Of course I had to take a picture of the Spa!


This was the view from our room and it was beautiful. You can't really see the ocean in this picture but we saw a lot of it.
We had dinner at the restaurant in the resort that night.

On Monday we went to the same restaurant in the resort for the BBQ character dinner. We went for the unlimited BBQ but it was also fun to take pictures with the characters. It was pirate themed so we had to wear do rags. There were also so many cute kids!

The next night my family and I went to a local restaurant and the view sitting outside was beautiful! The food was great also, but I was so hungry that I couldn't even take a picture of my food. I had  crab legs and they were amazing!

The next night we had dinner at the resort again and I ended up getting this and it was amaizng!

They also bring out Mickey Mouse butter with the bread and I think it's so cute!

The resort likes to make topiary of either Disney characters or just little animals.

The sunset on our walk back to our room was gorgeous!

The next day I brought my phone down to the beach and took pictures.

We got oranges from a grove shop and I love that place! The oranges are amazing and they also have ice cream!

I actually went twice and got the orange ice cream.

We spent the whole day Saturday going home and this was my outfit.

At 12 o'clock my mom and I went to my Grandmas house to pick up our dog and this was his reaction!
The lighting is really bad because it was so dark, but he wouldn't even let us in the house! I've never seen him so jumpy! He ran through my legs 4 times, haha!

Thanks so much for reading! I'd love to know what you did for you Spring Break or tell me what you plan on doing!
XOXO Alyson

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