Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring Cleaning 101

It's spring cleaning time and I couldn't be happier! Being cooped up all weekend from our 27 inches of snow through this winter has made everything so cluttered and messy to me! I love having days where I just clean everything. I'm definitely very clean and organized and I like to have things in order. These are all the things I plan on getting clean this season!
{I got some of my inspiration from College Prepster, check out her post here! I'm not trying to copy I just liked the idea.}

Desk| Since my dad has built my new desk I need to figure out how to organize everything. Cute organizational accessories are my thing {Post coming soon!} I would recommend either cleaning up any pencil marks with soap and water or even repainting it! I love the look of bright desks that make a statement in any room. 

Computer| My laptop has gotten really dirty over the year and I desperately need to clean it. First off you're going to want to unplug your computer or shut it down. I like rubbing it down with wipes and then going through with a Q-tip. I use a tiny amount of rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and then wipe it on the mouse and the keys. To clean the screen I found this {here}. I also like to go through my files and folders and clean pictures and videos out.

Nightstand | For some strange reason my nightstand is the most dirty piece of furniture in my room. I leave a dust rag in a drawer and try to wipe it down whenever possible. I know I sound like a complete neat freak, but ever since I watched a YouTube video of someone who does this I do it as often as possible. 

Bed| Deep clean all your sheet, pillow cases, blanket, etc. My family cleans our sheets every weekend, but a deep clean for everything is definitely a must.

Closet| I think everyone's goal is to get rid of clothes so you can make room for new. I don't like to just get rid of clothes I like to get rid of anything I haven't worn in the past season. Bags, clothes, belts, jewlery, etc. My method is if you haven't worn it all season or in the past season, you can't think of what to wear with it, it's not comfortable, and it isn't a very sentimental item, get rid of it. Either give it to friends, sell it online or at a consignment store, or give to to Goodwill. Every Spring I usually try and clean my winter stuff out and then in the summer I get rid of some of my Spring clothes I don't like anymore. My mom and I will then take it to Goodwill sometime during the summer.

Thanks for reading! I'd love to know what you do to spring clean!
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