Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Tricks for Drinking More Water

My goal for this year has been to drink more water, and I have failed miserably at doing that. I have multiple friends who drink full 25 ounce water bottles in our 6 hours of school. To some if you it's not impressive but to me-the girl who doesn't even take a sip of her water- thinks it's magic. I love water, it's probably the only thing I drink I just don't drink enough! Here are some tips and tricks I've found that I'll be trying and hopefully you'll try!

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Set a specific goal for yourself.

Setting a goal to drink "x" amount of water will really help. Whenever I set goals for myself I try my absolute hardest to fulfill them. I wouldn't instantly hop from drinking one glass of water to eight. If you're like me and barley drink a glass go for maybe drinking two or three a day. Maybe even just getting through one cup.

Invest in water bottle you like.

I have two Lilly Pulitzer tumblers and a Camelbak water bottle. I love these water bottles/ cups and they've somewhat motivated me to drink water. I would definitely try and find a good water bottle that doesn't leak, keeps your drink cold, and it's cute!

Water tracker app.

I think this thing is so cool! My favorite water tracker app would be Water Your body. When you first get on it, it asks for your weight and other basic body information. You then choose the amount of water your cup or bottle holds and then it will let you "fill it up" through the day. It keeps track of all the water you drank everyday. You can also turn on the notifications so that it'll remind you to drink more.

Infuse your water.

I've watched and heard some many people who infuse their water with herbs, fruits, vegetables, etc. I think it's such a clever idea and it's healthy! Here's two videos I've found.


  1. Honestly, all I did to drink more water was stop drinking soda. After I stopped drinking soda I always had a cup of ice water next to me so I could resist the urge to drink the sugary goodness that is soda. I have to go to the bathroom every two hours, but my body feels so much better when I drink a lot of water. It's worth it.

    Running Alyssa

    1. As crazy as it sounds, I actually hardly drink soda! I like getting it whenever my family and I go on road trips and we stop somewhere to eat lunch or if I'm going on a shopping trip with my mom I'll order one, but I never drink them on a regular basis. I just always forget to drink my water! I also have an irrational fear of the bathrooms at my school because I constantly have to go when I drink water, but I'm slowly getting over it, haha!
      XOXO Alyson

  2. Never thought of a water tracker app. I drink water but it is definitely not enough! I totally agree with investing in a cute waterbottle!

    Loved the post
    xo Maria |

    1. I've really been drinking a lot more water ever since I've downloaded the app! It's one of the best apps I have, haha!

  3. when I know I'm gonna be home (and bored or don't want to be home) i use the time to be NEAR a toilet and am able to knock off at least half my daily water (4, 8 total).
    also, if i don't get half in early in the day, its too hard by day's end to make up for it usually. mostly, i'm resigned that I have to pee a lot and just set my self up to do so, so i try not when I'm heading to the office only on way home etc. there was also a big study on water recently in the news about how it makes your body think its full.

    1. Great advice! I've heard about that study and whenever I know I want to "bored eat" I drink a lot of water. Thanks for commenting!


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