Sunday, May 10, 2015

Weekly Update | #17 & #18 2015 | {3/26-4/10}

Hey y'all, long time no chat! 
I'm sorry I haven't posted anything this week. It's not that I've been busy it's just that I needed a break. I had run dry on post ideas and I just couldn't get myself to think of any blog posts. I will try and get some posts up this week if I can think of anything. I'd love to have any suggestions on what you want to read!

Any ways this week was full of nothing. Just suffering through school (we only have 13 more days till freedom!) This weekend though we had a busy Saturday! Instead of going out of Sunday my mom, Grandma, and I went out to lunch at a local cafe (sorry I got no pictures there, but the salad I got was amazing!) Afterwards we went to go get frozen yogurt. 

After that we went to the flower shop in our town. My mom and I absolutely love this place! Every year when they open up my mom and I freak out and start thinking of what flowers we want, gathering pots, and planning out where we want to put the flowers in the garden. Sadly this year we might not be putting anything in the garden in our front yard because of all the plants my dad has planted out there. We do though have three fairly large pots that we get to put colorful flowers in!
I love how they brighten things up and make things cheerful and summery. 
In spirit of the Kentucky Derby last weekend we were wondering through the flowers and the flower name Million Bells makes me think of a horse!

I'll have a post up sometime this week with all the pictures I took at the flower shop and the arrangements we chose! Keep watch for that!

Anyways here are some cute links I've found through these two weeks. There is a lot of gender reveals for some reason, haha!

One | Family Freaks Out Over Pearl Earrings
A fellow blogger, Kate from A Lonestar State of Southern, had posted a video on YouTube a while back and I found it again. Her families reaction to her new pearl earrings was so funny!

Two | Anna Kendrick Mistaken For Someone Else Often
I think Anna Kendrick is so funny and she's been doing short skits with Kate Spade for a while. This is one of the recent ones and I laughed through the whole thing!

For some reason I watched a lot of gender reveals so here are some I've found!
Three | National Signing Day Gender Reveal
Four | Gender Reveal Signing Day- Baby K
Five | Our Triplet Reveal: Best kept secret!
Six | Gender Reveal At Target
This one is my favorite! I thought it was such a creative idea that no one else has done.
Seven | Best Gender Reveal!- Journey to Baby

Eight | Bartolomeo Cristofori's 360th Birthday
This was on Googles page a couple days ago and for some reason I thought it was so cute! I loved playing around with what Bartolomeo was playing on the piano.

Nine | 6 Email Etiquette Rules Every Career Girl Should Know
I think this is very important to read if you're a girl! In general I think this could be used just sending emails to coworkers/ your boss!

Before I say bye I wanted to say  Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there! We didn't do much this Mothers Day but I just wanted to say I love you mom and you're my absolute best friend! 

Thanks for reading y'all!
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XOXO Alyson

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