Monday, May 25, 2015

My Finals Survival Tips

This week for me will be the week of finals. Of course my school decided to have finals the last three days, but oh well. After that I'm free and I get to make so many blog posts for y'all! 
I know how stressful finals can be. Ours is 20% of our grade and having six finals worth that much can be overwhelming. The key to all of it though is making sure you do all your work during the semester, studying for tests, and getting good grades on your tests and classwork. Trust me the worry for getting good grades during your finals wont be so bad because you already have a high grade. I have A's in all of my classes besides one and that's the class I will be focusing on most and what I have all semester. These are my tips though and I hope they help you!

Don't stress.
I know, "it's easier said than done." I tell myself and get told all the time to relax and stop stressing out. I know by the time you get into high school grades start to matter. In reality though it's not worth staying up until 3:00 in the morning with coffee cups around you and piles of flashcards everywhere. You do of course need to study, but not to the point where you break down because of stress. 
Study early.
I know you don't want to study a month in advance. I'll admit something to y'all, I didn't do that, but we all know it's best. Review the notes that you wrote that day in class that night to soak everything in. It makes you more prepared and less stressed because you know most of the criteria. Even if it's not a month in advanced at least study a week or two in advance.
Have a game plan.
Know which tests you're going to have which days and write them down. Then go through and figure out which classes you struggle the most in and the classes you struggle less in. I do this every year during finals. I write down all the finals I have in my agenda. I then figure out the grades I have in each class and calculate the grade I need to get on the test to get a good grade in class. Here is my favorite grade calculator! (Here.)
Know how YOU study best.
High school is the most important time to figure out how you study best. Whether it's using flashcards, making study guides, or even studying in a group you need to figure out how you study best. I like using both flashcards and study guides, but study guides more. I don't like studying in groups because I find I get more distracted, but if that really works for you then go with it. 
Take breaks and know when you've studied enough.
You can't go four hours straight studying. You'll end up not soaking up any of the information and you'll end up wearing yourself out. Taking breaks every thirty minuets to an hour is best and then taking about a ten to fifteen minuet break is good too. You never ever want to log onto your social media or check your phone. You'll end up getting trapped clicking on things and then you realize you've spent 30 minuets on your phone instead of 10. The best thing to do is step away from your desk. You can grab a snack, take a short walk, or go lay on your bed (but don't fall asleep!) I usually like to go grab a snack or just lay down for a few minuets and relax, it's up to what you know you do best.
Get a good night sleep and a good meal.
Sleep is your best friend. Your body heals itself during sleep and it helps calm your mind. Staying up until 12:00 at night and then waking up at six isn't a good idea. I know I sound like your parent but really you'll feel so well rested and focused. 
Wear comfy clothes.
I cannot stress this enough. There is nothing like taking a test in uncomfy clothes. All of my classes are different temperatures so I like to find out which days I have finals and I then plan accordingly. I usually like to wear a t-shirt and bring a jacket along with me.
In the end it will all be okay. It all ends in just a couple of days. Just know you've tried your hardest and that is all that matters!

Summer is right around the corner, just push through and then you have two months to do nothing!
I'd love to know any tips you have for studying for finals so please leave them in the comments!
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  1. My school is the same way, the last three days of school are filled with finals! These tips are really great! Lucky for me, half of my finals don't count because I made A's both quarters. My Spanish final is the one where I'm screwed. I'll definitely use your tips for that final! And good luck on your finals as well!

    Running Alyssa

    1. Ah your so lucky that some of your finals don't count! Good luck in Spanish though, I know how hard that class can be!
      XO Alyson


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