Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Summer's In The Air

Yaya we're so close to summer! My mom, grandma, and I have recently gone out to buy flowers, it's in my weekly update (here). I love going to the flower shop and picking out flowers. I love the colors and the smells. There's so much possibility with all the agreements and where to put them. Every year my mom and I put flowers in our garden, but this year we didn't because there wasn't any space. We put our flowers in pots this year and I think they turned out so well! 
I loved the confetti pots and that's what we used in the pots out front!

I thought these pink flowers were so pretty!

I also really loved the purple!

The two pots out front turned out so good! I love them!

Our pot in the back though has to be my favorite. My mom and I were debating on this pot for so long and we went with my idea. Yaya I won, haha! We were thinking about putting flowers in the front to spill over, we luckily didn't do that though because we didn't have enough room! I love seeing it from the kitchen window and our back door!

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