Sunday, May 24, 2015

Weekly Update | #20 2015 | {4/17- 4/23}

As you can tell above I've renamed these blog posts back to what I had used originally. I've been using the name Links I'm Lovin'  for the past couple of weeks and I've liked using that name, but I've slowly begun to get sick of it. I've realized that some weeks it wasn't applying to what I wanted to write in these posts. I'd what to actually update y'all on what I've been doing all week, but then the name just wouldn't go with the post. I will still be keeping links on here for y'all, but I just wanted to update the name!

This week was the week of preparation for final exams. Gahhh it's been a little stressful! Luckily we get to have a three day weekend because of memorial day on Monday so I can study a lot for all my tests, but I'm a little flustered with all of it. I plan on posting a post on Monday with all my finals tips, but I can't promise that I'll post four posts this week! I do plan on posting a lot of good content starting summer break!

 Here are some of the links I've found this week!
So I went searching their website and found their birthstone charm bangle. I might just need to save up my money and buy the march birthstone charm bracelet!

I found these cases from College Prepster and I wish I had an IPhone 6! They're such cute cases, but just a warning they are a little expensive.

I love this cover she did such a great job! I've definitely added this song to my playlist!

This is one of my favorite Lilly Pulitzer prints and her painting looks just like the print!

Oh my gosh I am so excited for this movie! I still need to watch the whole Maze Runner movie because I watched only part of it and enjoyed it. I loved the books so much and I got so excited to find out that they were making it a movie. I'm so excited for the Scorch Trials to come out! And of course Dylan O'Brien looks as amazing as ever!

Thanks for reading y'all! I'd love it if you'd follow me!
XOXO Alyson

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