Monday, June 22, 2015

Lilly Pulitzer Agendas

I know I'm hoping on the bandwagon late with this post, but if you didn't know Lilly Pulitzer has their new agendas for the year! I love the Lilly Pulitzer agendas and I've always thought they were super cute. I got my first one last year and have fallen in love with them! They're so easy to plan in and I love the amount of color that's in the planner. I feel like whenever I have a really plain planner I never use it because it's not fun. I want to open my agenda in the morning to plan out my day and be happy looking at all the fun prints and colors.
Lilly uses all the popular prints as some of their agenda covers like their no spiral in Lobstah Roll. They also have a lot of popular and new prints each month inside of the agenda!
I personally like the large agendas because their not tiny, but they aren't so big that they are the size of a notebook. I love the two with no spiral, but then you'd have to break the spine and you can't fold it under.
I got a navy one last year and I knew I didn't exactly want another navy. I showed above the one I plan on getting! It wasn't as hard for me to choose which agenda I wanted this year as it was last year. This year I really didn't like the patterns for the large besides the one I'm going to buy! I'd love to know which one you're going to choose!
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XOXO Alyson


  1. I purchased the Lilly's Lagoon one this year in large, which is actually the one your arrow is pointing at already haha! I'm super excited to start using mine, Lilly agendas really are just so encouraging since they aren't plain like you said. Planning should be colorful and fun!

    Hailey -

    1. I need to grab my agenda soon, I'm still getting use out of my old one though, haha! If I wasn't going to get Pink Lemonade I think I would also get Lilly's Lagoon too.
      XO Alyson


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