Monday, June 29, 2015

Summer Cleaning

I'm now in almost three weeks of summer break (where has the time gone!) I'm now over the phase of not being productive and all I want to do is get things done! I'm in the mood to clean. Everything. It's almost like I'm spring cleaning, but during the summer. I love to organize and tidy things up. I'm constantly doing something to organize my room, backpack, bathroom, etc. I just can't stand not being tidy.
 In my post for Spring Cleaning (here) I gave you ideas on what you should Spring clean, but here are more things and even tricks on what to do when you feel like being lazy, but you know you need to be productive.

Winter and Summer are the seasons that I really like to clean things out of my closet. In the Spring you're just getting your warmer clothes out so you don't know exactly what still fits and what you don't wear so I think when you Spring Clean your closet is almost a waist because you don't know what you're going to wear. By the time you get into Summer you now what you want to wear and you don't know what to wear.

School things.
I like to empty everything out of my backpack and then wash it. It just gets so dirty after using it everyday for almost a year. I also like to clean out all the papers I've accumulated throughout the year. I normally keep the things I had in my backpack in there and store it away, but I also like to get rid of the things I didn't use all year.

I use my desk all the time and it gets unorganized pretty fast. During the school year though pencils, papers, and makeup is scattered across my desk. Since I've been in summer for a while now I've cleaned the majority of that stuff up, but since I've spent most of my days at school for summer gym it's gotten pretty messy again. I have so many water bottles, sun screen, permission slips, and makeup on my desk!
I don't bring my laptop to school, but I usually use it for school papers and projects. I just like to go through and save any documents in my computer and clean things out. Even if they're not school related it's good to clean out any pictures and bookmarks you've saved. I also like to change the wallpaper on my computer to something fun and summery. Here's the link to my post about summery wallpapers for your computer (here).
I will usually go every other hour checking my email or two weeks of not checking it. It's good to clean  out any emails you don't need, read the emails that you need to read, and delete old emails that you've saved. I also like to reorganize everything and set a new background for my account.
Social Media
You don't really have to do this, but I like to go through and clean out any old pictures on Instagram, delete old tweets, clean out some of my Pinterest boards, and unfollow anyone I want to unfollow on all three of those accounts. It's just a nice way to update everything and get everything looking nice.
I hate having a messy nightstand so I like to dust and clean off the top of my nightstand and inside my drawers.
I like to deep clean the bathroom (like really get it clean!) almost every season. I just hate having a really dirty bathroom! I would also recommend wearing rubber gloves if your bathroom is really dirty like mine!
We all have tons and tons of apps and pictures in our phone. I like to go through my phone regularly to get rid of any pictures and apps, but some of my friends never go through their phones and they have to go through 5,000 pictures and tons of apps!
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