Saturday, June 20, 2015

Weekly Update | #22 & #23 2015 | (5/7-5/20)

Hey y'all!
 Long time no chat...literally. I hate giving excuses, but these past two weeks have been soooo busy! My school hosts a thing called Summer Gym, it's six hours a day and lasts for ten days. These two weeks count for a whole school year of gym. I know crazy, but I'm so glad my school does this so the majority of us students don't have to suffer through a gym class! We play sports and do a lot of conditioning and workouts in the 90 degree heat but it's a ton of fun!
 I've learned that I'm not as uncoordinated as I thought and I really enjoy playing soccer, tennis, badminton, and anything that involves a lot of running! By the end of the day I'm exhausted, but I have so much fun and in the long run it's worth it! I just have to get through online health class (please pray for me, haha just kidding!) Sadly though on Thursday I pulled a muscle while playing mat ball, but I'm okay! I have to rest a lot so I'll be making plenty of blog posts!
The first week was very strict and a little stressful. We did a lot of running and walking, but we also played a lot of sports. By Friday we ran the mile around the track and we were supposed to get it in under 13 minuets. I ended up getting in at 11.44 minuets, which could be better but after only really working out for four days before and never really exercising I think that's pretty good!
This week though was a lot of fun. On Thursday we ended up going bowling at a bowling alley near our school, on Friday we ended up going to the golf course and I was horrible, but it was still so much fun! 
Friday night I asked my parents if we could have Orange Leaf as a way to celebrate me getting done with Summer Gym. We ended up going to a Chinese restaurant too. This was the first time I have ever had Chinese food that was decent instead of the Chinese fast food that I normally ask for, haha! Oh my gosh, it was sooo good! I ended up devouring half of it before I realized I needed to take a picture!

I thought my fortune was pretty cool and inspirational!

The frozen yogurt (I promise you it's not all toppings!) was amazing! I love piling on toppings (obviously) but my absolute favorite is the cookie dough bites. If I could fill up a whole bowl of these and just eat them, haha!

We noticed yesterday that our hydrangeas were starting to bloom! Yaya! After two years we finally have blooms and the best part is they're going to be pink!

As of my plans for blog posts I hope to start blogging on my regular schedule and throwing some fitness things into the mix of my normal posts. I have a workout routine that I will start doing once I heal from my injury. Summer gym has motivated me to stay in shape (more like get stronger) and it's made me realize that I actually enjoy working out!

I'll share all my links with you next Saturday since this post was fairly long! Thanks for reading and look out for more blog posts in the future!
XOXO Alyson

P.S. Happy early fathers day to all the dads out there! Hope you and your dad have a great day!

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