Saturday, June 27, 2015

Weekly Update | #22 2015 | (5/7-5/27)

Yaya for going back to the regular schedule this week! It's nice to finally have time to blog and to be back. I'd forgotten how much I actually enjoy doing this! This weeks post wont be as entertaining as last weeks but I have a lot of links! 
This week I've really gotten back into painting because I finally have a lot more time. I've hung things up in my room and I've started to make my gallery wall!

I'm loving how it looks, but I plan on adding more pictures and paintings! The purple will most likely be gone in a couple of days which is super exciting! I'll be posting my first room makeover post in a couple of days so stay on the lookout for that!

Guys you have to watch this, it is so funny. I sat there just dying of laughter. All of these funny people put into one game means tons and tons of laughter. I watched this sooo many times!
This has become one of my favorite summer songs. It's a great song to sing along to and dance to. 
If you have naturally frizzy, curly hair you'll understand how hard it is to keep your curls looking pretty for the next day. I have to wash my hair every night because my curls will end up being frizzy and flat. I don't really like washing my hair everyday because it gets sooo dry! If you have naturally curly hair like me you'll want to check this video out!
This hairstyle is perfect for those really hot summer days and you want to get your hair off your neck but it still look cute! A must watch if you live somewhere super humid like me but you still want your hair too look nice.
Oh my gosh I couldn't stop laughing while watching this! These guys were asked questions by the makeup artist Kandee Johnson on how they want their girlfriends to look. One of them had a good idea of how he wanted his girlfriend to look and another guy just had no idea what to do! The reaction of all the girls at the end was priceless and what their boyfriends said about them was super, super sweet!
I. Am. So. Excited. The first episode heirs on the 29th and 30th. I just can't wait!

Thanks for reading!
XOXO Alyson


  1. Just found your adorable blog and love it! So fun to find another preppy blogger! And I SO feel the second day curly hair struggle, it just never works as well haha.

    Carley @

    1. Aw thanks so much! I feel like having good second day hair is so rare and so hard to get, haha!
      XO Alyson


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