Monday, July 27, 2015

My Lilly Pulitzer Wishlist

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Lilly Pulitzer has recently introduced some new prints to us which I am in love with! I of course went looking through the website and I quickly made my wishlist of Lilly items. Some of these are older prints, but I still really want them! Lilly Pulitzer has to be one of my favorite clothing designers because of how unique her clothing items are. No one else really has crazy patterns on dresses, shorts, tops, skirts, etc. It's a classic brand that has been around for 56 years and people from Jackie Kennedy to people like our Grandmothers have been wearing these items.
It's something bold and different that makes people smile because of all the colors and fun patterns. I think that every girl needs at least one fun Lilly item in their closet so you can make a pop during the summer and even winter!
Tell me your favorite Lilly item in your closet in the comments! Feel free to follow this blog if you like it, it's free and all you need is an email address or Bloglovin' account!
XOXO Alyson


  1. I love your picks! I haven't bought anything from the resort collection (yet!) but right now my favorite piece is my Whiting shift in Feeling Tanked! I'm hoping to get the famous Skipper popover everyone raves about!
    Lovely blog, I'll definitely be following! Check out mine! :)

    Ane | Basque Prep

  2. Thanks so much for following! Your blog is super cute by the way! Something that is also super high on my wishlist is the Skipper Popover! I just didn't have room to put it in this post, whoops, haha. Thanks for commenting!
    XO Alyson


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