Wednesday, July 22, 2015

My Mid Year Favorites

I love reading favorites posts because you get to learn more about one of your favorite bloggers and the products they love. Instead of telling y'all all of my favorite products I thought I would tell you all my mid year favorites and things I love in general.

Ice cream flavor- I love the classic chocolate, but cookie dough fro yo is also really high up on my favorites.
Sport- I'm not a huge sports fan at all, but I've been loving baseball this season! My poor parents though because I'm constantly asking questions about baseball, haha!
Color- Most likely pink. I love so many colors though! So I guess anything super bright.
Travel destination- If you've been reading for a while then you'll know that I love, love, love Washington D.C. 
Nail polish color- This summer I've really been loving Wet n Wild Megalast in Candy-licious/ Rose Bonbon. I just think it's the perfect color pink! Bikini So Teeny by Essie is also one of my absolute favorite summer colors and I wear it multiple times every summer.
Summer activity- I love laying in the pool and swimming!
Summer shoes- Sandals are my absolute go to. I love getting them at Target because they're so inexpensive and my pair has lasted me for about two years now.
Animal- Does my dog Sosa count...
Type of food- Chinese!
Season- Summer! I also really, really love winter. I love either or because by the end of summer it's so hot that I want winter to come, but then I love summer during the winter because I get sick of the cold and I want to get out of school. Get what I mean?
Food- My mom makes a Spinach Artichoke pasta that I could seriously eat everyday. I love, love, love that for dinner.
Lilly Pulitzer print- It changes a lot, so I'll give you a couple favorites : Peelin Out, Chin Chin, Lobstah Roll, First Impressions, Lucky Charms, Pink Colony, and All Nighter.
Favorite Lilly Pulitzer item- I love my scarf in First Impressions because it's the very first "clothing item" I've purchased from the brand, but I also really like my agenda and I'm constantly using my tumbler in Peelin' Out. 
App- The Line Zen and ZigZag have been my constant go to's when I want to play a game! It's by Ketchapp by the way!

Thanks for reading! Leave in the comments some of your mid year favorites! Either from the categories above or anything you've been liking!
XOXO Alyson

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