Monday, July 6, 2015

My Morning Routine | A Lazy Day | Summer 2015

I love reading and watching morning routines. I have no idea why I like to read and watch them so much, they're just so entertaining! It's fun to see what other people do and sometimes it motivates me to have a more structured morning routine. It inspired me to share my morning routine with y'all! This is my more lazy morning routine. This is what I do when I'm just hanging around the house. By the way my schedule isn't this strict with time, this is mainly the time frame I get all of these things done.

Wake up at 9:00
During the summers I absolutely prefer getting up no earlier than 9:00. It's just a thing I like to do because summer is all about relaxing! Unless I have an appointment earlier then I'll wake up in the amount of time it takes me to get ready. 
I normally end up checking my Instagram, Twitter, and what the weather will be like. If I don't need to be somewhere at a set time I also go on my laptop for a couple of minuets and watch some YouTube videos as I wake up.
Actually get up at 9:30
I finally get up about 30 minuets to and hour after my alarm goes off. I go to the bathroom to do my business and to wash my face. Once I get done I like to go to my room and make my bed and put on some clothes. Depending on if I'm going out I put an outfit together, but if I'm staying home I like to put on some workout clothes.
Eat breakfast 10:00
I don't have a set time for when I eat, but I normally do it once I wake up and get dressed. I like having a simple breakfast, just a bowl of cereal and a NutriGrain bar. 
Workout at 10:30
I like to squeeze a little workout sometime in the day so it's normally after I eat breakfast. I'll post a workout routine sometime so follow this blog if you want to see it! I injured my leg and ankle last week so I might not be able to post it until next week or the week after that, sorry!
Take a shower or get in the pool at 11:00
After I workout I like to hop in the shower to rinse off, but if it's a pretty day outside I like to put on a bathing suit and some sunscreen and hop in the pool!

That's my morning! Feel free to leave yours in the comments, I love reading and responding to y'all!
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