Thursday, July 16, 2015

My Summertime Workout Essentials

If y'all have read my Weekly Update #22 & #23 post you'll know that I spent two weeks in the hot summer sun working out. If you have no idea what I'm talking about you'll just want to go check that post out! I had a ton of fun, but I've also collected a lot of workout essentials.

Waterproof Makeup | Wearing makeup isn't anything that you have to wear. Spending six hours a day though with all of my peers I didn't exactly feel very confident about going totally bare faced. I didn't slather on a ton of makeup, but I at least had a little. If y'all want an in depth post about any workout makeup I'd gladly do it!

Sunscreen | Even if it's overcast you'll want to put on some sunscreen. I know I sound like your parents, but I've learned my lesson! I got super burned the first day and it was embarrassing to have a bright red sunburn and it hurt so bad! If you are spending an extended period of time in the summer sun wear sunscreen! Your future self will thank you!

Water | I filled up my whole Camelback water bottle about two to three times a day. Staying hydrated is super important when you're doing physical activity so keep a couple water bottles with you.

Dri-fit Workout Clothes | The first couple of days I wore my Nike shorts and a regular t shirt. My mom let me wear some of her dri-fit shirts and they saved me! I stayed as cool as you can in the 90 degree weather and my sweat didn't end up soaking through the shirt. I just got mine from the Walmart brand Danskin and you're probably thinking "really Walmart", but I'd really go check out those workout clothes. They really are comfortable!

A nice pair of socks | A lot of kids ended up getting blisters on their toes and every time they would tell the teachers they always said to get a dryfit pair of socks. I didn't end up getting blisters because I had those kinds of socks. Once most of those kids got those pairs of socks their feet didn't hurt anymore!

A good pair of tennis shoes | Having a comfortable pair of tennis shoes is super important. They don't have to be over $100, I ended up getting my Nike Airmax shoes at a store in an outlet mall near my town and they were about $80, but they're a nice pair and super comfortable! My feet didn't end up hurting really bad because they were a nice pair that I've worn for a while and they fit good!

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