Monday, August 10, 2015

Back To School 2015 | Collective Clothing Haul

This past week or so I've gone shopping for back to school clothes since we have 2 days till we officially go back to school (*tears*). Is it just me or does anyone else feel like summer has flown by and has never happened?! I wish we could have a much longer summer break, but then again after a while I'd get kind of bored being in summer all the time. 
Since my mom, brother, and I have all gone on shopping trips for new clothes for school, I'd love to share with y'all all the things I got! In no way am I bragging though, hauls are some of my absolute favorite videos/ things to read. My parents and I have also made a deal that they pay for half and I pay for half.

The first place my mom and I went to was a shoe warehouse in my town. They usually have really good discounts on shoes and the few clothing items they sell for back to school. My mom woke me up one morning and said Jack Rogers are 20% percent off so of course I begged her to take me. When we got there though I tried on multiple pairs of shoes in different sizes but nothing fit me. The sole of the shoes fit me in a 6, but the strap fit me in an 8. My mom told me to try on the knockoffs so I tried on multiples of those and really liked them. They look sooo much like Jacks! I held up the navy Jacks with the knockoff navy Jacks and I really could not tell a difference. Obviously the knock off ones don't have Jack Rogers on them and they have Pierre Dumas on the heel instead of the little decoration, but that's really it!

They also had Simply Southern shirts on sale so I had to grab two. I've ruined all of my t shirts this summer while painting and I really like wearing t shirts to school on casual days so I've slowly been trying to stock up on them.

About a week ago my mom, brother, and I went to an outlet mall in my state to pick up some clothes for back to school. One thing I knew I wanted to get was a rain jacket because this past school year was super wet and I hated bringing my umbrella just because it was one extra thing to bring to school. I thought this would be easier since I can wear it all day and not have to bother carrying around a wet umbrella in my backpack.

The next place we went to was Loft and I'm super excited about what I bought!

This is something super different for me because of its design. You can't really tell but on the white there's polka dots, but the edges are something a little different for me. I usually just go with a simple stripped navy cotton shirt and a bright cardigan and that's what I always wear to school. I wanted something a little different though. This isn't exactly the type of material I'm used to wearing and especially the design and fit isn't something I'm always used to.

This is something I'm also super excited about because I love the design. I think this would be so cute with a white or navy cardigan (maybe even pink) and some jeans for school and really cute shoes. 
The last thing I got from Loft is this necklace. They were doing really great deals on their necklaces so I had to pick one up. This almost reminds me of a Kendra Scott because of the stone and a tassel but the impression is there instead of an exact look alike.

Another place we went to was Gap. This is definitely not I store I normally get things from. My mom and I always go in there and I try stuff on, but nothing every really fits me. I found this cardigan though which I think is so cute. It's something that wont be worn easily in summer because it is a little thick, but during the fall, spring, and maybe winter-depending on how cold it gets for you- it's great to wear!

One of my favorite things I've found is this romper. I've been searching all summer for a romper and normally none of them fit me because they are so big. I almost gave up on this romper because when I put it on  it was so big. I adjusted the straps and tightened the waistband and guys it fits perfectly! If you're tiny like me then you'll know how rare it can be finding something that fits really good without getting it tailored.

Another place we went to was Levi's for my brother. I've been really needing new jeans though so my mom said that I might as well try some on. I tried on mutiple pairs and these black skinny jeans fit me best. Another great thing is that these don't bunch really bad at the ankle. Again if you're short then you know the feeling of constant bunching at the ankles (leggings even bunch on me haha.)

My mom actually went to Chicos and while we were there I was waiting in the dressing room while she was trying clothes on because their sizes weren't small enough for me. While I was sitting there workers kept coming back and putting jewelry on these cork boards that said 50% off. I of course walked over and grabbed this bracelet because I've needed more bracelets to make a "stack." Remember that arm candy trend, I'm still really into that, but I don't have very many bracelets to stack so I've been stocking up.

A couple days ago my Grandma, mom, and I went to the Lilly Pulitzer store in my town. My Grandma used to buy us some clothes for back to school when we were younger and she wanted to start that tradition up again. Instead of getting more things at the outlet mall I wanted to get some stuff from Lilly.
I really really love this pattern so I knew I wanted to get something in this. I really like their t shirts because they're super comfy and one of the cheapest clothing items they sell. They also have a lot of different patterns in this style of shirt.

This is the item that I am sooo excited about because it's my first Lilly dress! Don't worry though I didn't make my Grandma buy it full price. This was actually on the sale rack in store for a great price. I know they have it online still for full price so check in your local Lilly store to see if they have this on the sale rack. You can also attend one of Lilly Pulitzer's sales and this might be online. I do have to get it tailored though because it will fit my body a little bit better because right now it looks a little big. I do plan on wearing this on the first day of school!

Thanks so much for reading! Again I don't mean to brag at all I just really like reading/writing these posts and I thought it would be fun to share!
XOXO Alyson


  1. This entire post makes me incredibly jealous hahaha. Lovely picks!

    Ane | Basque Prep

    1. Ah I didn't mean to make you jealous, haha! Thanks for commenting!
      XO Alyson

  2. Love all these pieces!! Shopping is for sure the best pastime ;)

    xoxo, Mal

    1. It really is though, haha! Thanks for commenting!
      XO Alyson

  3. It looks like you definitely found some nice things to go back to school with! I have found that a lot of back to school looks also include Chuck Taylors (yes, I bought a pair), as they seem to never go out of style. Also, the stone necklaces are bringing back the 70's, a trend that made its way back.

    Randy Weaver @ True Fashionistas Resale


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