Monday, August 3, 2015

Back To School 2015 | My Desk Essentials For Back To School

My desk is probably the place I spend most of my time so having certain things there during the school year is super important for me. Since this is back to school season for most people (tell me when you go back in the comments!) I thought it would be a great idea to share what I keep at my desk when I come home from school to do homework. If you have anymore things that you keep at your desk I'd love to know in the comments!

Laptop | It's a little sad to say but I keep my laptop with me everywhere! It's something I'm always using and I do a lot of things on it. It's also something I use so much during the school year because I type a lot of papers and occasionally study on it.
Phone | Again it's just something that I keep with me just in case I need to use something with it. During the school year when I am actually studying the app I use all the time on it is Quizlet. It's an app that you can quiz yourself by using flashcards or other matching games. This is also a great app to use on your computer because you can access more things to study with like the practice test.
Charger | Not just your phone charger, but also your laptop charger. My batteries don't always run out, but I like to keep them with me just in case.
Agenda | Surprise I actually got this agenda instead of the one I said in my Lilly Pulitzer Agenda post! These agendas are one of my absolute favorites and I use them during school and any other breaks we have away from school. I write my homework in them, lists, appointments, birthdays, test, anything!
Pens and Pencils | Come on, you need something to write with! I don't exactly have "a favorite pen or pencil brand." Just something that writes well and doesn't smear is good for me.
Snacks | I always get hungry when I'm blogging or doing homework so I always keep a snack with me. I love granola bars, string cheese (I know I'm such a five year old, haha) nuts, raisins, and some other healthy foods that keep me energized and full. Don't get me wrong though I do sneak in a lot of chocolate!
Post-its | I'm always writing small lists and reminders and sticking them on my wall or bulletin board. I love the really cute sets from Lilly Pulitzer and Kate Spadebut the neon post-its from Post-It is what I always use and buy.
Clock | I do like to check the time to make sure I'm not spending my whole day watching YouTube videos or blogging just so I can get other things done. This is also a great way to time yourself when you need to take breaks from studying or changing the class you are studying to another.
Gum | Not something you always need, but apparently it helps you study and remember things for tests!
Drinks | You always need to stay hydrated and I love filling mine up with cold water and occasionally lemonade! I always put my drinks in cute Lilly tumblers (1, 2 too.
Highlighters | I am constantly highlighting my notes! You should've seen my science notebook from last year almost everything was highlighted in that notebook! I really love the multicolored packs because you can make your note so colorful (and like a coloring book, haha.)
Cute Notebooks | I love using them to write down quick notes, blog post ideas, and even making lists. I also keep school notes in these for every class and I occasionally study when I get home.
Blanket and Fan | My room is either really warm or really cold so having either a fan running or a blanket wrapped around me is something I need!
Pillow | My desk chair is super uncomfortable so I always like having a pillow to lean back on. 
Fuzzy socks | I love fuzzy socks! I wear them all the time! They're super comfy and you can buy a super cute pair almost anywhere. Another one of my favorite types of fuzzy socks are the ones that have aloe in them. It's especially good to have those during the summer so you can keep moisturizing you're feet so they aren't dry. If you don't want to spend too much money on those socks (because they don't last too long) you can put Vaseline or Aquaphor on your feet and then cover them with your fuzzy socks and it's kind of the same thing!
Tell me any of your essentials in the comments!
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  1. I love fuzzy socks!!! I also like to have colorful pens with me for school, they make everything more fun and colorful. Cute blog, I like it!

    Seacoast to the South

    1. Really though fuzzy socks are the best, haha! Thanks so much!!! Your blog is super cute too!
      XO Alyson


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