Friday, August 14, 2015

"Hey, do you have a ..."

We've all been there. In the middle of class and you whisper to the person sitting next to you or ask some friends if they have a pencil or maybe your phones about to die and you need to use someones charger. Instead of being that person always asking someone for gum I though I would make a list of all the things  you might want to keep with you for this up coming school year. All you need is a little bag to stuff in your backpack.
I've always been the person who is prepared with everything, but I never thought to share what I keep with me at school. I saw on Megan Rogers- Reilly blog a post similar to this and thought "I have things that I always keep with me at school and kids ask me for these, might as well share!"

Pencils By the middle of the school year no one has pencils. I like to keep some pencils in a little spot in my backpack like my little kit. I only pull them out when I know that I forgot my pencils case at home or all my pencils are out of led. This ensures that I always, always, always have a pencil.
Tide To Go Stick This is a huuuge must for me. I'm taking two art classes this year and I'm just an absolute klutz so keeping this with me everywhere I go is a must. No one wants to walk around with a giant stain on the front of their shirt (trust me I've done it before and it's embarrassing.)
Hair ties and Bobbi Pens Having thick curly hair is never fun during a test or a really hot day so I keep bobbi pens and hair ties with me all the time just to get my hair off my neck.
Mirror Sometimes the camera on your phone doesn't work well so I always keep a little mirror with me. There are also some mirrors with hairbrushes in them which is great if your hair gets really tangled during the day.
Mints and/or Gum  I hate feeling like I have bad breath after lunch so I always keep them with me. Just make sure you hide them when you pull them out because they'll be gone in no time if someone sees you.
Band-aids Again since I have two art classes we work with a lot of sharp tools so it's inevitable to get cut. I just keep about three of them with me. It's also good to keep in case of a paper cut.
Advil We all get those awful headaches so I just keep a couple of these with me. Just be careful with them because some schools don't allow you to keep medicine.
Tissues During the colder months this is so important to have. I don't know about y'all but I hate getting up in the middle of class to wipe my nose so I always keep a pack with me.
Lotion Again during the colder months this is really good to keep. I hate having dry hands and I've asked so many people for lotion so many times so I keep it with me all the time now.
Feminine Things Yah know just to be safe. 
Money I usually keep $10 with me and some quarters just in case I forget my lunch.
Hand Sanitizer The school is dirty keep clean! Added bonus is that your hands will smell good if you get a scented one!
Nail File & Clippers I can't tell you how many times I've ended up getting a hang nail or a nail breaks in a weird way and I want to either clip it or round out the sharp edge. 
Concealer Because we're all teenagers here and pimples pop up and sometimes you'll just feel better if you can cover it.
Cough Drops I keep these with me year round because of allergies, but these are really great to carry in the winter because you or someone else might need one because of a cold.
Portable Phone Charger So many kids last year were asking around the class for any type of charger to charge their phones. I never really thought of having one until last year when I was stuck on 5% or my phone was dead multiple times and I needed to use it. 
MiniVaseline This is great to use as chapstick, but if your shoes end up getting blisters then you can rub it on those areas. This can also moustrize your hands! I might do a post on all the things you can use vaseline for!
Snack My lunch last year was super super late so I always had to have a snack sometime around 3rd hour. This year though I might need one around 5th or early 6th because my lunch is so early. Keeping a granola bar or something easy and silent to eat like that is perfect.
Chapstick I can't tell you how many chapsticks I will keep with me, but I always keep one with me in this emergency bag just incase I forget to grab one.
Oil Blotting Sheets I have naturally oily skin so I always keep a pack of these with me.

Tell me some of your essentials in the comments! 


  1. Super handy! This was a great post! I also love your blog layout, by the way! I'm a huge gold enthusiast, especially paired with pink!

    XOXO Cat

    1. Thanks so much! Gold seriously is 10 times better with a little pink! It has actually taken so long for me to figure out how to make the gold foil letters for the header and I'm glad someone likes it! I'll definitely be doing the Liebster Award and thanks so much for nominating me!
      XO Alyson

  2. Hey! I also wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster award. I mentioned you in a post on my blog.

    XOXO Cat


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