Monday, August 24, 2015

How To Style A Shift Dress

I love shift dresses so much. They're such a basic piece that can be dressed up or dressed down. I got this dress from J. Crew factory last spring and it's one of my favorite dresses, because of the scallops. The only thing is is that I could never figure out how to really dress it down for school. The couple of times I've worn it, it was for dressier occasions. This school year though I really want to wear it multiple times so I made it a priority to figure out multiple ways to style this dress casually for different seasons. 

J. Crew Factory could possibly bring this dress back this coming year. I do know that they have sold very similar dresses to this one multiple times this year, but of course they don't have any being sold when I'm posting this, haha. Just keep a look out for one! 
To find out where everything is from you can check my Polyvore account Sweet Southern Accent and the sets are on there!
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