Monday, August 3, 2015

Late Night Storms

Yaya bonus post for today! And even more of a bonus this is live! I always have my posts ready a couple days early, but looking out at the sky tonight I just wanted to write. Seeing this storm off in the distance has just been so calming to watch.
I know weather's been weird all over the country, but here it seems like it's been weird all year. We had a super snowy winter, a really wet Spring, and now a not so hot summer/July. July by now where I live is super hot. My mom and I were talking today while we were running errands and she said that normally July here is so hot to the point that you get out of your car you're instantly hit by a wave of heat and instantly hot again. It's just not happening this year. I almost feel like summer isn't even here really because by now everyone here would be dying. To some extent though it's a little nice to not have that weather, haha.

I ended up having  a super busy day today. You know those days where it's just go, go, go. I really like having those days sometimes for some reason. I guess it's just because I feel like I'm getting things done. Today was different though. It almost made me a little sad that we're getting into a jam packed month. July was really chill for my whole family so transitioning back into a busy schedule with school in a week and getting the carpet done in our house I just feel stressed. I really miss the very calm June and July we had. Then again I'm slowly (very, very slowly) starting to want to get back into a routine and having my days be a little more eventful. Tonight though I feel like I'm back in June and July (minus our whole house in shambles because of the whole carpet process. I seriously can't find anything of mine because it's all in the basement.) We also had a super wet July so looking out at the storm makes me feel relaxed. Does anybody else feel a sense of calm watching or listening to storms at night? It's just so soothing. We're not really getting the rain right over us though. The storm is more East to us, but wow the lightning has been amazing! I had to step outside and take some video and share it with y'all. I mean what else are you going to do when the baseball game you are watching (the Cubs vs. Pirates) is on a super long weather delay. 
I've been super excited all weekend for the Cubs to be on again tonight. We didn't get the channels that they were playing on all last week so I kept keeping track of the games through Twitter and They've been doing good recently which I'm hoping they'll do really good tonight! I'm super shocked with how into baseball I have gotten though. I am honestly never into sports, but every night I'm asking who's playing and coming down to watch it. I stay up until 12 o'clock sometimes to finish watching the Cubs games when they're playing at night! Do y'all have any sports you're interested in? I'm hoping this football season I'll get into football a lot more than I normally do. My family is really, really into football so I always get a little bored during football season because I'm never interested and that's all that is on t.v. and in our conversations during dinner. Who knows though I might be into it this year!

Thanks for reading such a rambly post! These posts  are always my favorite since they're like a little update and you can almost learn a lot more about the person you're reading! Tell me if you want more of these posts in the comments because it's been fun to write!
XOXO Alyson

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