Tuesday, August 18, 2015

What I Learned My First Time Attending A Lilly Pulitzer Sale

Everyone let's now take a deep breath in and let it out because the most colorful sale of the year is over tonight at 11:59 pm ET and our Lilly items are being packaged and sent! It so nice to be able to breath and not worry about getting items at the sale anymore! 
This is my very first Lilly sale I have attended I had a lot to learn and a lot to experience. I will definitely say that I got lucky! Granted I only got two items but those two items I've been eyeing since this past Spring and early Summer! A lot of things were still in my size which I was pleased to see!

 Elsa Top ($158 $79)             ||            Michele V-Neck Top ($44 $24)

I did get two tops in the same print but no shame! I wouldn't exactly say this is my favorite print, but I guess it is since I have two of it now, haha. I just love both of these tops though! I know the Elsa's are one of Lilly's best tops and I'm excited that this is my very first one, and I finally got one! I know from having one of their t shirts that they are amazing quality and sooo comfy so I had to grab another! 

To get on with this post though instead of making it a really, really short haul I wanted to share all the things I learned from the point of view of someones first time. I made a couple mistakes that y'all hopefully wont make if you're still going to shop the sale tonight or the next one in January. 

Create an account! I actually had two things taken out of my cart when I was checking out because I forgot to make my account the night before. Oh well though, my loss the other persons gain and there is always another sale in January and next year. I would highly recommend following Lilly's tip with this because filling out the application was sooo stressful! In the long run its just 110% easier to have everything prepared. Granted the two things that were in my cart I was not so sure about the patterns, but the Elsa top I got to replace them I love!
Don't over do it! Luckily my mom was there with me helping me decide on things I should get so I don't make a stupid purchase and spend $800. I actually bookmarked everything I liked and added everything up before I started to cross things out and it was about $600. I know it can be hard not to over do it because everything is 50% off and more, but set a budget and stick to it! I still have items I would love to get, but I'm not willing to spend the money, I got the pieces I've been wanting for a while and that's all I need!
Don't make a list of things you want before hand. I actually made a list of things I wanted beforehand and sadly found out that they weren't going to be on sale. Almost everything on sale is unlisted items so there really is no way to know beforehand what you want. I only knew certain things to look for because I knew that they were on the sight before and I found them listed as a sale item (thanks Google search!). Luckily I got both of those items that I've been eyeing for for a while. I just recommend knowing certain types of clothing you want. Maybe your list is a scarf, skipper popover, 2 Elsa's, and possibly a shift dress. Mine was an Elsa and a dress, but I don't mind that I didn't get a dress, because I've already recently got one.
Know your sizes. This is one of those rare times that I am so thankful that I am petite because my size in most things were still there when I checked the sale after school! If you are an average size though your clothes are the clothes that sell out fast! I would recommend getting on early (maybe not be there right at 8 unless you want to battle the wait) usually though they will still have very good items still available in average sizes if you get there a little later. They do have great clothing even on Tuesday so just keep checking! Knowing your sizes though is super easy because you can limit the amount of things you see and just know the items still in your size. I'm also risking buying a really small size in the Elsa not knowing how it will fit. Fingers crossed that it fits fine! 
You don't have to be there right when the sale opens. Like I said above it's not necessary to be there at 8 unless you really want a super popular item. You'll still get plenty of things if you aren't there right when the sale starts. Just don't stress and breath. I really, really, learned this from experience because for two days I was so stressed that I would get nothing because I had to be at school. They ended up still have two items I really wanted and so, so much more in my size. 

I'm still dying over how much everything is off! I'd love to know the things you got and don't forget to share your crazy story of your experience with the sale if you have one!

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