Wednesday, September 2, 2015

DIY Lap Desk

My mom had given me a lap desk a long, long time ago and I was really young when she did give it to me. I used to write and draw all over it with perminte marker. This summer though I decided to paint on the backside of it and I thought I would share how I did it!
-Gesso (optional)
-Acrylic paint
-Paint brush
-Modge Podge (optional)
-Painters Tape (optional- only if your design needs it)
-Pillow (optional)
-Hot glue gun or staple gun (optional)
 I first started with painting Gesso all over my lap desk just so I could start out with a white base and acylic paint adheres to Gesso well. Gesso is like a surface primer that artists use to prime glass, wood, or just to cover an old painting to paint something new. It's a little pricey so if you're only really going to use it once I wouldn't recommend getting it unless you really want to have your paint adhere. You can also just use white acrylic paint to have a white base, but it could possibly flake.
 I then used painters tape to make stripes across the board and painted pink stripes.

 I then painted green.

After everything dried I peeled off the tape.
I had to go in and clean up some of the edges with my Gesso.
I then wrote my name in a curly font with black paint.

These steps are optional and I didn't do these, but you might so it will last longer.
 After a day or two you can paint Modge Podge on it to seal it a little more. I would recommend painting Modge Podge on it a day or two after you paint it just to make sure everything is set and dry.
One last thing you can do to make it a little more of a lap desk is to either use a pillow or make one to the size of your lap desk and hot glue it or use a staple gun to keep it on the board. I didn't do these steps but if you want to make it a little fancier then you can do these steps!

I'd love to know if you're going to be making one of these, just leave it in the comments!
XOXO Alyson

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