Friday, September 4, 2015

Football Season Is Here!

Labor day marks the official start of football season and I couldn't be dreading it and anticipating it more than ever. I've never really been pumped for football season (or any other sports) ever. I'm not kidding you. Football season for me has always been something to dread because that is what is always on t.v. in my house. Now I'm really getting excited for it. I don't know why, it's kind of like my obsession with baseball this past summer. I never thought I would like it and I've ended up loving it. One of my favorite things about going to the games (and sometimes watching on t.v.) is seeing the outfits. I always love the dressy looks for games and tailgating, but then again I love the more casual looks. Since college football has started I wanted to share with everyone all the ideas I have for outfits this season!

Like I said above I love the idea of dressing up for games. A cute dress and a vest is one of my favorite outfits. Football season were I live is usually cool so I had this outfit in mind to wear when it gets chilly. J. Crew puffer vests are an absolute grab (especially now because they're on a great sale!) and I thought this orange one looked like "Tennessee Orange." These riding boots are also an essential, but if you don't want to pay $300 on a pair of shoes I recommend trying out Target. I've had my Target boots for about 2 years now (this fall and winter might be my third or fourth year having them) and they're still in good condition. They need to be fixed up a little, but I wore them like crazy last winter and last winter was awful were I live.
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For those games were the temperatures have a high of 50 degrees I love the idea of this outfit. Spirit jersey's are a great way to keep you warm, but not over heat you. I also love the look of vests with spirit jersey's so this one from Patagonia is an essential. This whole outfit is comfortable to be able to cheer along your team and not have to worry about staying warm in cooler temperatures (or having to deal with a dress.)
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Frigid cold football games have never ever been my favorite games, but then again I love going because the true fans are always there. Depending on the temperature you will probably want a coat instead of a vest (or layer both together) to keep you even more warm. Bean Boots are also an absolute must during the winter and you'll want to get them now because some sizes are already back ordered till November and that back order will keep growing!
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Lastly, we all have those oddly hot game days, at least were I live. This is when you might want your favorite shorts still available instead of in a box under your bed tucked away with the rest of your summer clothes. A cute flowy tank top or t shirt and some cowboy boots are also another cute aspect to the outfit (white Converse would also look cute with this!) I think a ponytail and statement earrings will finish this outfit perfectly! 

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All of these outfits are on my Polyvore account or if you want the direct link to all the outfit details click on the picture if you're curious on where to find some of these items.
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  1. Awe! These outfits were so cute!

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