Friday, September 11, 2015

How To Earn Extra Money As A Teenager (Without A Proper Job)

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Most of us teenagers know the feeling of wanting to go to the movies or the mall with our friends and we can't buy anything because we have no money. I always hate feeling like I have absolutely no money because shopping is my favorite thing to do. I always seem to want so much when I have no money, but when I do have money I almost never want to spend it because it is so rare of me to have it. Because I've been dealing with those feelings for quiet some time I figured that I would give some of my tips on how to get more money when you don't have a proper job to clock into.

Baby sit. This is obviously one of the most common ways to get money as a teenager. There are plenty of parents who need someone to watch their kids and are willing to pay some good money for you to baby sit. I personally don't baby sit because most of the people in my neighborhood have kids around my age so there's no one to baby sit. I do have a lot of friends though who baby sit and they really enjoy doing it.
Clean your house. This is how I get the majority of my money. My parents and I have set up a system that I get minimum wage per hour every time I clean the house. Since most of the chores take an hour to complete by the end of the month I get a good amount of money.
Take neighborhood dogs on walks. Most of the people in my neighborhood and family members have dogs that can be walked. Most of them though have time to walk or don't need anyone to walk them, but this is definetly an option if you have older people in your neighborhood who don't have time or energy to walk their dogs.
Offer to house sit or "animal sit" neighbors pets. House sitting could be anything for watering neighbors plants or doing little tasks/ chores around your neighbors house that they need done when they're gone. I've done this multiple times for my neighbors and made $20 or more depending on what I need to do or how long they are gone. Pet sitting could just be letting their dogs or cats out, filling up their water and food bowl, maybe even walking the dogs. My brother is currently doing this for our aunt during the day since she is gone on a trip and her husband is working during the day. Sometimes neighbors or family members can ask you to actually keep their dog(s) at your house if they're gone for a longer period of time.
Make a blog/ YouTube. This isn't one of the quickest ways to get money because it will take time to get followers and sponsors. I've heard of a lot of bloggers and YouTubers getting money for partnering up with brands. I'm currently not doing this though and it's not why I wanted to start blogging, but it's a great thing to do and very accessible if you want money!
Make an Etsy account and sell things. I've actually been considering doing this all summer because I really love painting. I've been thinking about either selling some of my Lilly Pulitzer painting recreations or painting them on things like sneakers and tote bags! Just like the blog/ YouTube account this can take a while to get people to buy things, but once you get going to seems to be a tone of fun.

Thanks for reading! I hope these give you ideas on how to get a little extra money during the year! 

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