Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Late Season Baseball Outfits

I really don't know what I'm going to do when baseball season is officially over (*dramatic sigh*). I have become a big (okay major) fan of baseball. Just to give you an example of how big of a fan I've become one guy came into my AP World History class the other morning with a Chicago Cubs sweatshirt on and I about screamed and jumped out of my seat (and no I'm not pulling your leg I was so close to doing that). The Cubs have also finally (FINALLY) announced that they are officially going to be in the postseason! Ah I'm so excited!!! Because of my excitement I thought it would be fun to share some outfits I would wear if I could go to any games!

I like to call this one "this is my very fist game and I'm excited out of my mind!" outfit. This will most likely be me next summer at Wrigley, but with shorts and less layers. I think whenever it's your first game you should go ahead and be proud of the team you are cheering for and, well, wear everything you possibly can that represents that team. My first ever Major League Baseball game (the summer before I became baseball crazy) I got nothing at that game. No tee shirt, no tumbler, no lanyard, not even a cheesy bobble head. When we go to Wrigley next summer though I plan on getting at least a tee shirt (or 18... just kidding). 

This "it's kind of chilly outside" outfit is perfect for those nights when the highs are in the lower 60's. I've been loving the look of these denim jackets with sweatshirt sleeves! Not only do they look super stylish and like you have a cool grungy/ edgy look, they also look super comfy. Paired with some dark wash skinny jeans, a flowy white top, and a chunky scarf plus some cute ankle booties, you'll look both stylish and feel comfy!

This is definitely a late season outfit for a baseball game since this is intended for much cooler weather. I am in love with this L.L. Bean coat! It's the perfect shade of blue! I also thought adding the Uggs were perfect because they keep your feet so warm. I know a lot of people think they are pretty ugly (and I can't say I don't agree) but they seriously feel like your just wearing slippers. 

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