Monday, September 28, 2015

My Packing Guide For Fall Break Beach Style

In two days I'm on the road and heading to the beach and I couldn't be more excited! I really need the four days of just doing nothing. I still don't get a total break from school (thanks AP World History and English) but the atmosphere of the beach is just something to cure the stress. 
I've grown up going to beaches on breaks and spending a couple of days there, but I still feel like I'm completely clueless on what to pack. Spring break I can pretty much pack in my sleep. I feel like I know the climate of the beach we always go to and I just have that instinct on knowing what to pack. Fall break is an exception though. I haven't gone anywhere on fall break for nearly five years (five years!), but I still have some idea on what I need to pack. 
I thought it would be fun to share some things that I recommend packing!

Shoes that you don't care about. 
This might sound a little weird, but I promise you'll want them! Every single time I go to the beach I always want shoes that I can run around in and not care what happens to them. I always bring my Sperry's for that. I can throw them on and go on an adventure, but then I can wear them out to dinner that night.

One pair of shorts and one pair of jeans.
This is especially essential for fall break unless you're going somewhere that is definitely cold or definitely hot. I'm going somewhere were the weather can be a little sporadic so I'm bringing along my favorite pair of jeans and shorts.

Flip flops
Those cheap $4 pair flip flops are obviously a given, but what I'm talking about is a cute pair of flip flops. Jack Rogers are a given for every preppy wardrobe, but if you're not ready to spend $100 on a pair of shoes I highly recommend Pierre Dumas. This brand of shoes looks exactly like Jacks and they're pretty comfortable and very cute!

Rompers are something you can just throw on like a dress. You can put it on and your outfit is complete. They also take up a small space in your suitcase which is an extra bonus!

I bring some of my favorite stylish tops, but I also add in a cardigan or two just in case it gets cold at night!  Cardigans in general are just my favorite things ever so I add them to every fashion list anyways, haha. 

Cute little bikini's!
Well this is a given to bring to the beach, but having a cute, bright bikini can make you feel ten times more confident!
Are y'all going anywhere for fall break? 

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