Friday, September 18, 2015

One Last Summer Hurrah

As the weather starts to get cooler where I live and the school work starts piling up, looking back over the summer makes me feel both happy and sad. I love fall and everything about cold weather, but honestly summer is one of my absolute favorite seasons. The warm weather, the freedom from school, and being able to throw on Nike shorts, t shirts, and flip flops and just run out the door are some of my favorite things about summer. 
My summer was both fun and boring. At the beginning of June I spent two weeks at school doing summer gym with two of my best friends. Honestly it was a ton of fun and instead of taking gym during the year I got to spend six hours a day, for ten days running around playing sports. Some people might find that awful, but to me, and everyone else in my gym group, it was a blast (and my best friends and I aren't sporty people at all!) Then everything started to slow down. My days consisted of sleeping in, blogging, and laying in the pool. I finally got to get my room repainted (post on that here and here!) which is so exciting and I have a couple more update posts to make on that as well as a room tour! In July I also really started to get into baseball. Surprise, surprise I know right (haha, just kidding). It's kind of funny how I've gone from hating sports and caring nothing about them to loving baseball and that almost being all I want to talk about.
I do have a lot to look forward to next summer though. We're going to Disney World, Chicago, and we're going to help my brother move into college! There's even a slight possibility of going back to Washington D.C. for a couple of days. I'm sooooo excited!
 I am a little sad to see summer go, but instead of sulking over the end of summer I thought I would share some ideas for one last hurrah to celebrate the end of such a great summer!
Don't forget it's always summer somewhere!

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