Friday, October 9, 2015

Fall Wardrobe Essentials For High Schoolers

Okay can we take a quick second to celebrate my 101 post! I missed my 100th posts which kind of sucks, but oh well! It's just a little milestone that I thought was a little important to celebrate because it only happens once!
Anyways, on to the real post.
I see posts all the time about wardrobe essentials for college. I understand why people make those all the time because you honestly can only have your essentials in college because the closets are so small. What I hardly ever see though are essentials for high school. Even though we don't need to limit our clothes as much as college students there are still some essentials that I think are good to have in your closet if your a high school student. These can also be applied to college if you want!
I also decided to do this by seasons so this post isn't too long and you also wont be reading about clothes good for the middle of summer when we're getting into the colder weather of fall.
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Not just any flats though leopard flats! I think these are so cute with a cute plain blouse and some skinny jeans. It spices up an outfit without making too obnoxious of a statement. 

These are not only an essential on this list, but also in my own closet. I wear mine a ton and their a great way to look dressed up without feeling uncomfortable. My favorite place to get them is Ralph Lauren. They can be a little expensive so I always buy them from the outlet store near my town. I would recommend getting the basic white and maybe a fun one! They also seem to run pretty small so you might want to size up! I had to!

I wear these all the time. Once the weather starts getting colder I pull these out and their almost all I wear the rest of the season. Not only are they cute, but they will keep you warm. I got mine from Target and they've lasted me 2-3 years. If you do plan on wearing them in very bad weather then they might not last too long because mine are pretty beaten up because of that. If you do take good care of them they will last you as long as an expensive pair.

I don't have a vest (yet) in my closet, but these are such an essential! You can find them almost anywhere so I would grab a couple because they can be paired with almost anything.

I wear jeans all the time and finding a comfy pair of jeans is key. I'm still trying to find a brand I love, but Levi's might start becoming my favorite!

I'm thinking about buying a Piko top right now because they're the perfect amount of baggy, they come in a ton of colors, and they're apparently super soft. Dorothy from Prep In Your Step raves about these.

Getting a thick pair of leggings is so important because we all have those days when you want to be super comfy. I know LuLu Lemon sells great leggings, but they're super expensive! J. Crew apparently sells good pairs of leggings. I just get the Nike Dry Fit ones and I love them!

I wear cardigans year round, but having a good red, navy, grey, and white (even though it's past Labor Day) are some essentials for fall. I also think getting fun cardigans and pairing them with basic tees and some ridding boots is so cute! I get mine from Old Navy and love them!

Do you have anymore essentials? Leave them in the comments if you do!


  1. I love your list, I may have to prepare a grad school one myself!

    Ane | Basque Prep

    1. Thanks! That would be so fun to see! I'll definitely read it even though I'm not even close to being in grad school, haha.
      XO Alyson


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