Friday, October 30, 2015

How I Organize My Small Closet

Anyone who has a small closet will understand the pain of having absolutely no space! I used to have a walk in closet in my old bedroom which is just down the hall, but the room there is tiny and when I was younger I decided to have a smaller closet and a larger room. Making the adjustment was easy when I was younger since I had less clothes and shoes, but now that I am much older I just don't have too much space. My old organizing system has ended up not working anymore because the shelves that were in my closet took up too much space. Mastering an organizational system in such a small space can be very hard, but here are some of my tips and tricks

Be seasonal Because of the small amount of space, there is no need to keep things like winter vests, coats, and boots in the summer or shorts and tank tops in the winter. I store it in my drawers. Some people don't have extra drawer space so keeping them in a box in the basement or in a bin or box at the top of your closet is something good to do. It just gives you more hanger space for the clothes that you wear during those seasons.

Get rid of things There is no need to keep a t shirt that is way too small or jeans that have holes in areas that aren't considered "cute ripped jeans." There are exceptions though. Maybe you want to keep a nice pair of jeans and some nice tops because you plan on loosing weight (and only if you really plan on loosing weight). Or maybe the item is very sentimental (and you'll know which items those are).

Get all same hangers Getting the same hangers and even bins can really make your closet look a lot nicer and put together. Just overall it can make your crammed closet look a little more organized because everything flows.

Use unused space. Something like a tiny wall by a corner or even you closet door can be used for hanging a robe or your scarves or belts or bags. 

Organize things in bins I keep my workout clothes, out of season shoes, bathing suits, bags, and thick fuzzy socks in bins on a shelf in my closet. This clears up a lot of space in both my drawers and closet which is nice because I get more space to hang more clothes up or have more space to fold things.

Get a shoe rack I had my shoes on a wire shelf in my closet that were attached to my hanging rod. I liked that system for a while, but its started to take up a lot of space. I took it down and bought an expandable shoe rack. I love, love, love my expandable shoe rack because it saves so much space. You might think that it will take up a lot of space in a closet, but really it doesn't. It gives me more hanging space because I don't have a rack and even floor space because my shoes aren't taking up the corner or the entire floor. It's small, but big enough to hold plenty of shoes. I just got mine for $10 from Walmart and it works great.

Use one laundry hamper For a long time I had 2 laundry hampers for clean and dirty clothes. It was just taking up so much space. I downsized to one and whenever I get clean laundry I instantly hang it up or fold it which is good because you're more prone to actually get your room and closet cleaned.

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