Wednesday, October 21, 2015

My Outfit Tips For Fall Weather

I think we can all agree that figuring out outfits for seasonal transitions is sooo hard! Where I live it's in the upper 50's in the morning, but by the time I leave schools it's in the mid 80's. I always want to throw on my Patagonia in the morning and some riding boots, but when school ends I'd be super hot. Instead of having no clue on what to wear I thought I would share some of my favorite clothing items to get you through the gap between summer and fall!
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Get a collection of cardigans. Y'all have no idea how much I absolutely love cardigans. I get mine from Old Navy and they've held up so well! I wear my cardigans almost every week and just love pairing them with outfits. Not only do they help you look like you've tried really hard on looking nice (when you honestly could care less about how you look), they provide a little bit of warmth when the mornings are cool, but keep you cool when the afternoons are hot.

Stock up on 3/4 length sleeve shirts. These are some of my favorite tops! I don't want to be wearing long sleeve tops just because they don't really fit with the season, but wearing short sleeves makes me a little too cold. My school is freezing so in general I try and not wear short sleeves, but these tops are perfect to keeping you both cool and warm.

Roll your jeans. I have to roll my jeans everyday just because I'm 5'1" and I still haven't found jeans that don't bunch, but rolling your jeans still make you warm with cool mornings, but still make it look like you know it's in the 80's after school and you need to stay cool.

Get a cute pair of flats. People say flats are only good for spring, but I wear flats year round (yes even in the dead of winter)! I think a cute pair of cheetah print flats or a cute pair of brown flats are perfect to pair with some rolled up jeans, 3/4 length top, and a cute light vest!

Get a stylish pullover. Pullovers are my absolute obsession and my absolute favorite pullovers are by Patagonia. Those pullovers aren't exactly stylish and aren't that great in 80 degree weather, but Vineyard Vines sells some pretty cute ones that you can dress up and down!

Get some cute scarves. I literally love scarves! I have so many! They're a cute little accessory that will keep you warm, but not too warm.

Embrace the seasonal changes. I know so many people try to fight seasonal changes because they don't want to deal with crazy temperatures (and even allergies), but if you just let the season do it's thing and adapt to it you'll still be able to have some really cute and stylish outfits!

Tell me some of your essentials and tips in the comments!

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