Saturday, October 10, 2015

My Trip In One Post | Fall Break 2015

It's been a week since we've been on fall break and I've been dying to go back! It was just an amazing way to get away from reality for four days and just relax. Granted I still had school work that I had to bring along, which stressed me a little, but just being in a "new" environment was a nice way to de-stress (especially being at the beach.) The whole time we were there it wasn't very pretty. It rained everyday besides one, and even the "non-rainy" day was cloudy and cool. Luckily though we had plenty planned to have a great time! 

The resort my family and I went to we hadn't been to in nearly five years so coming back was quiet interesting to experience. They really hadn't changed much, but wow everything seemed so much smaller. You know when your younger everything just seems so big compared to you, yeah that's how I felt coming back, but everything seemed much smaller. The pool area and the little game room they have in the main house seemed so big when I was younger, but now being older everything just seemed small. Granted the daily beach days we used to have wasn't the same, but we made a lot of new memories! 

Anyways lets get on with how this extended weekend played out!
On Wednesday I ended up having to go to school for two hours because of quizzes, but after that I ended up going home and finished up packing. We drove about nine hours to South Carolina and then stayed in a hotel about a couple minuets away from the resort because we couldn't check in yet (our room just wasn't ready).
On Thursday morning we went to a local diner in the little town we stayed in. It was the quirkiest place ever and I'm a little sad I didn't get any pictures! I will say though that my food was pretty good!
When we got to the resort it was like taking a walk down memory lane. We hadn't been back in such a long time (since I was about 10) so everything we saw I pretty much said "Oh my gosh I remember this!" 
This has to be my favorite resort we stay at because of the decorations.

We ended up going to the beach after we got everything settled in our rooms. We ate lunch at the beach house and took some pictures down at the beach before it started to rain on us. It may have been super cloudy, but it was still pretty!

When it started to rain we hopped in the car and headed to the grocery store. The area around the resort had so many good stores! They have little boutiques around the resort that we went to look at, but they did have an amazing Belk. The Belk ended up having a Lilly Pulitzer section there and oh my gosh I just had to get something! The Elsa I bought is technically for Christmas even though my parents are letting me wear it now and I'm in love with it! We got it on such an amazing deal (almost the same deal I got on my Elsa in the After Party Sale!) 
I fell in love with the dressing room. The Lilly boutique in my town is really small and the dressing rooms look nothing like this one.

I tried on the dress and the Iona Silk Sleeve top. The dress wasn't on sale so I decided not to get it. I decided not to get the tank top either because I couldn't wear it all year so I got the print in an Elsa!

After that we ended up going back to the room while it rained some more and I worked on some homework. 
That night we went to one of the restaurants in the shopping area and the food was delicious! It was really rainy so I just threw on one of the Lilly tee's I got from the Lilly After Party Sale and my rain jacket.

On Friday it had cleared up pretty well. There were still a lot of clouds, but it didn't rain till that evening. In the morning I slept in and slowly got ready for the day. Since it was not supposed to rain my family and I decided to go rent some bikes and ride around the trails around the resort. We probably spent about three hours just exploring and riding. I'll tell you now though my legs were dead, but it was so much fun!

Do y'all spot the "deer", haha.

We got back to our room, then went to the pool, and then headed to dinner. After dinner my mom and I decided to bake the pumpkin spice cookies we bought at the grocery store.
I was kind of in love with my outfit. My shoes are Pierre Dumas and the Elsa top is the one I bought at Belk. I just really like how the print looks in the Elsa instead of the Iona top.

The cookies we baked were amazing!

On our last full day at the resort it rained pretty bad so we decided to go to the two outlet malls there. I of course didn't take any pictures there, but I plan on posting a little haul sometime next week!

That night we went to a local restaurant that I loved when I was younger. This is the only picture I got all day, whoops!
I forgot they had cats that roamed around the outside of the restaurant and this one came up to those people outside and begged, and begged, and begged for some food.
Our last day of fall break we spent driving home which was a little sad, but the trip in general was so much fun! 
Did y'all do anything over fall break? Just leave it in the comments!

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