Friday, October 23, 2015

Quick Fixes For Dirty Hair

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One of the downsides of having curly hair is having to wash my hair almost everyday or else having my curls will be flat and frizzy. I've tried multiple things to have at least a two day span of no washing, but my curls second day just aren't the same. I know washing your hair everyday can be super drying, but I try my hardest to use very moisturizing products and do hair masks at least once a week to keep my hair healthy.
When I do straighten my hair though (or I don't wash my hair over the weekend) these are some of my go to things that I do with my hair. 

Dry shampoo is you BFFL.
I can't tell y'all how much I have come to love dry shampoo. If I didn't have curls that needed constant management and could last me a couple days I probably would just use dry shampoo for a whole week. I have yet to find one that I really love, but the ones that I've been using I've liked.

Add a headband.
You knows those thick cloth headbands that you wear when you play sports? Yeah I mean those. Not those cute little tortuous shell and bow headbands Blair Waldorf always wears. I recommend just slipping on one of those cloth ones, maybe even put your hair in a ponytail or messy bun, and call it a day.

Play with the texture.
I always seem to get a natural wave look after a couple of days after I straighten my hair and I really like it. It's not that bad wave though that looks like my curls are coming back, it just looks like my hair is naturally straight with I little flip to it. You know what I mean? I think that extra added volume and spice to your normally straight hair is always fun. It's even better if your hair is naturally straight and you can add some product to make beachy waves then distract from your oily roots with a fun braid to pull back your bangs.

Master the art of braids and buns.
Mastering these two styles will save your life! I always go for a braid or a bun and they save me every time! There's many tutorials on YouTube on how to spice up a simple braid and a messy bun, but I always go for a basic style of the two.

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