Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What to Do on Halloween When You Have Nothing to Do

To be completely honest Halloween has always been one of those holidays that I've thrown on the back burner. My parents never really took my brother and I trick or treating (mostly because people in my neighborhood, never passed out candy) so I never grew up with the whole "running around the neighborhood and taking all the candy" thing. When my brother and I were younger we always went to our church that held a MASSIVE Halloween party. Games, winning goldfish (even though the little fishies never lasted long:( ), candy, giant inflatables, hay rides, dressing up, etc. was how we spent our night on Halloween. Now though we literally do nothing. I think the only festive thing I have is pumpkin socks from when I was like even. 
A lot of my friends and classmates plan on going to parties, trick or treating (yes, even in high school), and dressing up. For me though, I plan on indulging in the bags of candy corn in our pantry and watching YouTube videos. I know so much fun (*eye roll*). 
For all of you people who want to be a little festive on Halloween, but might not want to go to a huge party, I made a list of everything you could do if you're doing nothing on Halloween!

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Have a movie marathon.
There are so many great Halloween movies out there! All ranging from Disney classics to the creepy new films coming out. There are so many options out there to choose from! It's also a great excuse to stay home and eat a little  a lot of chocolate...

Pass out candy.
All the kids in my neighborhood are grown up so we rarely get little kids running around asking for candy. We tried it out one year and I'm not even kidding you only two little boys came, and I totally missed them! I was dying to pass out candy to someone and they came in the middle of me taking a shower! My mom told me later that she told the kids to take handfuls of candy if they wanted and I'm not kidding you they only took one piece, haha. I will admit though, the giant bowl of candy left over to munch on was the best!

Bake something. 
I love desserts and fall desserts are the best. My mom makes the most amazing pumpkin cake. Like seriously you have to try it! I like it best after it's been in the fridge for a day or two instead of right out of the oven. 

Carve a pumpkin!
I can't even remember if my family and I ever carved pumpkins (we had to have once though!), but I think it would be fun to do it on the night of Halloween. To some extent it does defeat the purpose of not having them out for a couple of day to show off the "beautiful carving job", but I think it would be fun to carve out something quick, stick in a candle, and place it on your porch to have all the trick or treaters admire (you'll also have an excuse to have your pumpkins out a couple days longer!)

Go to a haunted house with friends.
My town does a fun little thing in a local park were there are haunted trails you go through and people jump out and scare you (pretty sure almost every town does this), but my school really gets into it! For quiet some time it's all anyone talks about, but I never hear people going on Halloween, they always seem to go at the beginning of October. I think it would be fun though to get a group of friends together and go on the actual holiday!

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