Monday, November 16, 2015

Cold Weather Essentials

I think we all remember last winter. 
The humongous amount of snow and wow was it cold! Ever since then I've slowly stocked up on my necessities for the winter and I thought I would share some of my favorites.
In my opinion, if you live anywhere that drops below 50 degrees then you'll probably want to grab some of these. I love all of these things and would highly recommend investing in them. A lot of these items will last you a long time because of the amazing quality, and from the amount of times I've worn these things I've already gotten my moneys worth out of them. If you don't want to spend the money on them though there are a lot of great dupes out there for a little more of a reasonable price.

Guys I've only had them for a week, but these are my essential boots! They're durable, warm, and comfy. I wear them in the rain, snow, and even sun. They're super back ordered right now so I would recommend going ahead and getting a pair if you want some! (Here's my post on how I style them!)

It's my absolute favorite pullover mainly because it's so soft. You of course don't need to drop a lot of money for this one if you don't want to, but I definitely recommend them because they're so thick and soft! I have a whole post dedicated to this pullover if you want to go check that out!

Thick winter coat.
There is no doubt that this is an essential if you live anywhere that gets remotely cool. I got my puffer jacket from Colombia last winter and love it! It's the warmest thing ever!

Fuzzy socks
I get a new pair of fuzzy socks every year and they've definitely become an essential for me. I normally wear them with riding boots and at home. I wish I could wear them with my L.L. Bean Boots, but my foot slips around too much if I wear them. 

A good fitting pair of jeans is a must! They're all I wear during this season! 

After getting my vest a couple weeks ago I haven't been able to stop wearing it! A vest is essential if it's a little cool out and you still want to be warm. It's great as a layering piece underneath a coat as well. They have a lot of great vests at Old Navy and Gap if you don't want to drop $60 on one. 

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