Wednesday, November 18, 2015

My Tips For Scoring Discounted Lilly Pulitzer Items

By now we all know that I'm in love with Lilly Pulitzer. It has to be one of my favorite brands. Do I or my wallet love the prices? Not so much. I hardly ever buy Lilly for full price -unless it's an accessory or one of their t shirts which you can snag for $44!- but everything else I wait for it to go on sale. I know a lot of people love the brand, but they'd never spend so much money on a dress or a top. I made a list of some of my tips on how to score Lilly Pulitzer items for a more reasonable price.
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Attend the online sales.
I attended my first Lilly sale this past summer (post about that here) and was appalled by how discounted everything was! It's an amazing way to score discounts 50% off and up. Granted these sales can be a little go, go, go, and it's recommended to get online the first day, but I still found a lot of great things after the big 8 am. hoorah, and on the second day.

This is actually a Facebook group that you can sell things on. These items are usually lightly used and fairly discounted. It's a great way to score Lilly clothing items that aren't sold anymore and are still in amazing condition. I'm constantly looking on their Facebook page for new things. 

Etsy is a great place to get DIY Lilly things. There usually is never an actual Shift dress or something like that on there, but things like bows, paintings, stickers, etc. can be found on there. 

Check out discount shops.
Things like consignment stores are a great place to go to find vintage Lilly. I usually find very vintage Lilly at the ones in my town. Finding your right size can be a little tricky though!

Go to your local Lilly Boutique.
Almost every Lilly Boutique has a sale rack, and there are usually really good prints on that sale rack. I love going through all the high priced clothes and trying things on, but I made a deal with myself that I wouldn't buy a full priced Lilly dress till I graduate. 

Get accessories
Scarves, tumblers, wristlets, and other things are pretty inexpensive from Lilly. My favorite though are the tumblers. 

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