Sunday, November 29, 2015

Quick Tips for a Quick Morning

Getting ready in the mornings has become very, very hard. Last school year I had trouble getting up and ready for school so this isn't something completely new to me. It's a little bit frustrating to be in that rut though. Because of that I have "become an expert" on all the things I do to have a quick morning so I can sleep in. 
Set our your outfit the night before.
Having a set outfit in mind or actually laying it out on the ground really saves time. You don't have to stare at your closet wondering what the heck to wear (which can normally take 15 minuets). Another thing I do is to have a set outfit in mind that you can always grab and you know it looks good. Mine is either a cardigan and gray shirt or a pullover (surprise, surprise).

Pack your bags the night before.
Whether it's your backpack, lunch bag, or purse having your bag ready to go really helps. It keeps you from forgetting anything or just leaving it behind in general (well, I'd recommend still bringing your backpack, haha).

Shower the night before.
I always shower the night before (don't ask why, haha) so I never worry about showers in the morning. If you are a morning shower-er then I'd recommend putting night showers into your schedule because it saves so much time in the mornings.

Choose simple hair and makeup.
Either wearing your hair in a braid the night before and undoing it in the morning, wearing it completely natural, or even in a messy bun I'd recommend doing something quick and easy. I already have a post on all of my makeup favorites for a quick morning.

Organize your things.
Searching for your hairbrush or tooth paste is always a pain in the morning so having things set in a place where you always put it is a 100% time saver. It also saves you from having a super stressed morning.

Wake up to upbeat music.
Listening to upbeat music is always uplifting, but if you're not a morning person (like me) having an upbeat playlist will save you from being too grouchy.

Develop a routine.
I have a morning routine that I think I could do asleep (most mornings I do!) so having a set routine is always key.

Practice makes perfect.
Whether it's on the weekend or even weekdays practicing a set routine will help. It can either be a makeup look, hair style, or even the routine as a whole.

Leave any tips you may have in the comments! I'd love to know more to help my routine get faster and y'all might too!

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