Thursday, November 12, 2015

Rain, and Snow, and Bean Boots! Oh My!

OMG y'all! I just got my L.L. Bean Boots last Monday and I'm in love. Head over heals in love, *bah bam ching* (okay this post is full of puns. I'm so sorry, haha). But honestly I couldn't be happier. They're comfy and some of the best quality shoes I've ever had. They're great for the rain, the snow and any outdoor activities! I wish I would've been able to post this a while ago because they're already super back ordered, but I would highly, highly recommend getting a pair NOW if you have any desire to have them! 
I would have gone out and taken some outfit pictures, but honestly I'm too lazy, haha. I'll have a whole post on Saturday with my 5 ways on how I style my Bean Boots!
Look out for that!

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