Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Christmas Shopping Outfit Ideas

'Tis the season of hours and hours of shopping, and guess what that means? You need comfy outfits of course! I kind of love Christmas shopping and kind of hate it. It's fun to shop around the mall and look at all the Christmas decorations, but then everything seems to become crowded and I get stressed with trying to find gifts. I've always tried to dress comfy going shopping, but it's usually in a baggy tee shirt, my big winter coat, some jeans, and some boots. If you know me this can sometimes seem to be my "uniform", but then again I love to dress up. It seems like, in my town, everyone likes to dress nice to go to the mall, and I don't know about y'all, but I always wish to. Of course I thought, "why not blog about it!"

Click on the pictures for a direct link to the outfits on my Polyvore page to find where these items are!

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