Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Easy Ways to Stay Fit This Holiday Season

I think we can all agree that staying healthy during the Holidays seems close to impossible. I normally just let the whole "health thing" role off my back, but this year I actually want to feel healthy instead of feeling like I weight 300 pounds. I know a lot of people feel the same way as me, so doing what I always do, I made a list of ideas that might help you out! A lot of the things below are things I plan on doing to stay healthy. 
I do want to say though, that if the Holidays are your cheat days and every other day of the year are "healthy days" go ahead and eat those five pieces of fudge, you'll live, haha. 
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Yoga is personally my favorite workout to do because it's relaxing and toning. I'm going to have a whole post on my favorite Yoga sequence tomorrow! 

Hip- Hop "Classes".
This is extremely dorky, but so much fun! Just go on YouTube and look up Hip Hop dance for beginners and many different dances and songs will come up. It's free, and something you can easily pull up on your laptop, phone, or t.v. I'm a horrible dancer, but I always have a blast laughing at myself. It's such a fun way to workout without really realizing you're working out!

Walk the dog.
Not only do we need to work out, so do our dogs! I try to walk my dog with my family as much as possible, but once it gets too cold I don't, whoops. I always have fun walking him and the cuddles he gives me after are always so sweet!

Join a gym.
The only thing we have at home is a treadmill, a bench press, and some hand held weights so I'm limited on what I can use. Joining a gym is a great why to stay on track with working out and there is a plethora of equipment to use!

Go on a hike.
If you live anywhere a little warmer, going hiking is something so much fun to do! I haven't gone hiking in a while, but every time I go I love it. I love being out in nature and not only that, you get a pretty rockin' workout!

Eat a healthy breakfast.
Working out isn't the only thing you can do. I say it's okay to cheat a little during the Holidays (it's the Holidays! Why not?!), but every meal might not be a good idea to cheat on. I say breakfast can be your healthy meal and then you're good to cheat. There are so many great recipes on Pinterest if you need any inspiration.

Drink lots of water!
Water has so many benefits. It helps your hair, skin, and flushes out any toxins in your body. If you're anything like me and have trouble drinking enough water daily I made a whole post about my tricks to drinking more water.

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