Tuesday, December 29, 2015

How to Dress Down a Lilly Pulitzer Shift Dress

One draw back I hear all the time about Lilly Pulitzer shift dresses is that they're too much money for something you can only wear to "dressy" events. And yah know what I always say? Wrong! I can tell you right now there are so many different ways to style down a shift dress, or any dress. I will say though, when I think of a Lilly dress I normally think it belongs for dressier occasions, but the one I have now I dress down all the time. It all depends on your accessories. My biggest tip to dressing down any type of dress, shift or not, is wear everyday things. A lot of people-including myself- seem to always want to wear "non-everyday" things with dresses (classy pearls, heals, etc.). Just wear the normal things you'd wear with jeans or shorts. Whether it's your everyday big bag, flats or converse, or jean jacket. There's no need to grab your Grandmothers pearls and do your hair all pretty. 
I like to say, "Wear a dress like you'd wear your favorite pair of jeans."

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