Wednesday, December 2, 2015

If You're a Student You Need This App!

I think we can all agree that studying for a test can seem, well, like a chore. Even though all of my friends and family say I'm a pretty studious student I still hate (almost loathe) studying. It's just never fun! I'd rather be doing so much more with my time than spending multiple hours looking over Biology notes, AP World notes and worksheets, and many of my other classes notes. It's honestly boring and kind of draining. 
In the long run though doing good in high school and getting good grades really, really, really pays off in the long run. It gets you into a good college (with scholarship opportunities) and even farther into the future. 
If you're anything like me though, then you'd rather focus on the test you need to take rather than stressing about things four or more years into the future. 
I wanted to tell y'all about an app that makes studying fun. I know who would say studying could be fun! It's called Quizlet and it's not only an app, but a website (that has even more features than the app). Guys I'm in love with it. 

Instead of carrying around a stack of flash cards, you can easily "carry" them in an app on your phone. I love it so much and 100% recommend it to everyone who may need some help in the studying department!

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