Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Inexpensive Things to Do over the Break with Friends

My friends and I every break always make a big deal about getting together, and guess what? We never do. I think the main thing is just trying to figure out what to do.  A lot of the time we say we could go shopping, but a lot of the time I'm too broke to buy anything. Another option would be going to a movie theater, but here in my town it literally costs $7-$20 to go to a movie! I've come up, and researched, things to do with friends that are free or inexpensive to do!
1.) DIY someting.
There are so many ideas on Pinterest and Youtube to DIY. Eveything ranging from Christmas wreaths, home decor, art projects, and more. You're going to be able to find anything to do!

2.) Bake
I really love to bake and I've found so many recipes that I want to try. It's inexpensive and you get a whole bunch of treats afterwards! I have a fudge recipe coming out tomorrow so stay turned to check that out!

3.) Host a spa day.
Every girl wants to go to a spa and get pampered, but I think we all can agree that we don't like spending the money. Why not do it at home! Get out some nail polish, pretty smelling lotions, diy hair masks and face masks, and anything else you can think of! Don't forget to put on a movie!

4.) Movie marathon.
Instead of spending $20 to go to a movie, why not have one in the comfort of your home in your pajamas with an assortment of food. Just scroll through Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or regular cable to find a good movie!

5.) Go volunteer.
Tis' the season for giving so why not volunteer. You could go to an animal shelter, your local Salvation army, or if it's snowing go shovel someones driveway. It's always fun to do giving, and going with friends makes the experience even more fun!

6.) Hang Holiday decor.
Everyone loves the Holidays right? Why not just go all out and hang things with friends! Get a Christmas tree, hang some lights, and put up some cute stockings!

If you have any more ideas leave them in the comments below!

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