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My Christmas Haul 2015

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It's extremely hard to believe that Christmas is over! I mean seriously this month has flown by. It feels like just yesterday I was at school preparing for finals and now it's December 26th. Then again this Christmas was a ton of fun, and I'm so excited to share all of my stories tomorrow in my weekly update post!
Anyways, getting along with this post, I wanted to share my Christmas haul! I absolutely love reading and watching these (even in the middle of July). I shared one of these last year, but I decided to take the post down because I transferred it from an old blog and lost the pictures. 
Just like a lot of these posts say I'm in no way trying to brag. I hate that some people take these as bragging, it's honestly just fun to share. I'm extremely grateful for everything I got, and I know Christmas isn't all about the presents.

We always open our stockings first. I got a bag of peppermints and the assortment of red and pink Starbursts (can we just say, best thing ever created).

I got a pair of camp socks for my Bean Boots and some fuzzy socks. It's always a tradition for my mom to get me a pair of fuzzy socks for Christmas. 
Lastly I got the three L.L. Bean Boot keychains. We ordered these back in like October or November and I thought our order didn't go through, but I ended up getting them for Christmas! My parents hid the package really well, because I was fooled, haha. Also, there is no picture from me of these because I have them hanging on different things already, haha.

After that we got to open all of our big presents from "Santa". 
The first thing I got was the gold Anthropologie mug! AHHH! I saw these last year everywhere and was so bummed that they said it was limited edition because I loved it so much. I then looked it up this year, because I mean what the heck, and it was back in stock! I'm going to be the basic white girl and place it on my desk or as a cute decoration on my bookcase.
I've been needing a new lunch box for the longest time and I got this one from Vera Bradley. This was downstairs when I was taking pictures of my presents so that's why you get a beautiful screenshot!

I also got a Sugar Paper L.A. calendar for 2016. I got one last year and loved it so much so I knew I had to get another. I didn't know the pages were blush pink and it makes it ten times better!

The next things I got were two blanket scarves. I absolutely love both! The pink one has a really funny store that my mom told me about yesterday. I was walking around Loft with my mom and I saw the pink scarf and loved it. I went to the dressing room to try on a top and my mom grabbed the scarf and tossed it to one of the workers and told her to quickly wrap it before I came out of the dressing room. I had no idea and forgot all about this scarf because I thought my mom wasn't listening to me gush over it in the store!

The top I got from Loft is this one and I adore it! It kind of looks like something you'd get from Anthropologie, but much cheaper! I've also loved these loose peplum tops for a long time.

Y'all have probably seen these pullovers all over the place, but seriously they are the best things ever. At first they seem very light, but seriously they keep you warm! I was sweating after having it on for like 20 minutes. A guy who sits behind me in my math class actually got this pullover in a different color and everyone was petting him, just a sign for things to come for me, haha. 

This was the Christmas of pullovers and jackets because the next two things I got was a jacket from North Face and a pullover from Vineyard Vines (which isn't a color I would normally wear, but I tried it on and fell in love!). 
My old North Face is way to big -I should've bought it a size down, but for some reason I decided to get it big and it looked awful on me. I gave the old one to my mom so it's going some place were it will definitely be worn. 

The next thing I got was a Lilly top, and guys, I'm in love.  I saw this on Pinterest and at first I thought it was hideous, but then I saw it on a blogger and loved how they styled it! I instantly knew I needed to put it on my wishlist and I am so happy with it! Definitely a top I will wear every week, haha. 

My big, big, big present from "Santa" was a standing art easel! AHHH! If y'all didn't know I absolutely love art, but one thing I hate most is having to crouch over to paint for hours and hours. My mom actually emailed my art teacher and asked for recommendations of art easels. My mom told me she sent like two sentences asking for help and my art teacher sent back a huge paragraph full of links and when the easels would be on discount and all, haha! 

From my grandmother I got three sweatshirts. I don't want to share these because it would give off my location. I do absolutely love them though and I desperately needed knew ones. I've been wearing one of my brothers sweatshirts from when he was in fourth grade, and guys. He's graduating this year from high school. I know, it's sooo old!
I also got this scarf which I have been dying over for the past month and am thrilled to have it!

The Lilly Pulitzer presents I got came with free gifts! I got two bracelets and tote bags (I have no idea what to use them for!), and a beach towel!
From my other Grandparents I got a pallet and a watercolor brush. Not kidding these are the two things I wanted most out of everything, haha. I already put my colors in the pallet so I took a screenshot of it from Amazon.

I'd love to know what you got so feel free to leave them in the comments!

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